Baba Indaba – A few show favourites

I dashed out of the office on Friday, whizzed past the school, collected Ladybug and we were off to Baba Indaba in Sandton. I love going to these expos because not only do you get some awesome bargains, but you also get to discover hidden gems and meet the faces behind the emails and online stores.

Friday the show was quiet so we could spend allot more time at the stands, finding out information, bankrupting mommy buying goodies for Madame and generally saying hello to people.

Here are just a few my highlights from the show:

I discovered Pitta-Patta Shoes and INSTANTLY fell in love with them. They are handmade soft leather shoes and they look so girly and pretty on Ladybug. She hasn’t tried to pull them off when they on her and she doesn’t scrunch her toes when she has them on! I love them so much I couldn’t wait to order another pair for her. (Now I don’t know if it’s these awesome shoes or just Ladybug being clever, but we now standing on our own not holding anything – I think it’s the shoes that are magic). Go check them out here, they very reasonably priced and they deliver nationally, or like there Facebook page here.

Zooting round the expo (or shops for that matter) in her chariot, Ladybug needs some privacy every now and then, especially if she is catching up on her beauty sleep. Luckily we were equipped with our SnoozeShade, and it was so nice to meet Georgina at the show (she noticed the SnoozeShade on Madame’s Chariot). SnoozeShade is awesome! It blocks out the light and allows little ones to catch that essential 40 winks while Mom carries on pushing their chariot, its breathable, and has a UV Filter of 50+. It also has a convenient zip that you can use to check on your little one and they fit most standard prams, strollers and travel units. Go check them out here or join their Facebook page here – this is a definite MUST HAVE item on anyone’s list.

We then met up with Melinda at Queck Baby. I have heard so much about their amazing products from the other blogging Moms that I just had to see some of the goodies myself. The Babiators (sunglasses) are fabulous. They soft and bendy and won’t break if Mommy sits on them, and they will double up as a teething thing. They nice thing is they don’t sit flat on your little one’s face, so their eyelashes arent squished. They come in 2 sizes (0 – 3 years and 3 – 7 years) so your little one can have many happy years wearing them. I also had to see the Moccis for myself, I have seen some oh so cute pictured of them – having seen them now, I will definitely be getting Madame a pair. I can’t wait for Ladybug to get a bit bigger so I can get her some Babiators and Moccis. Go check out Queck Baby’s website here or join them on facebook here.

My gem find of the show was the chatting to Nadine at! Just what busy Moms need (and Moms like me who loathe shopping centers with a baby). It works like a magazine subscription, but it’s a nappy subscription and the monthly nappies are delivered to your house! Plus there’s a little Mommy Gift in there every month just to say “good job Mom” and who doesn’t like receiving gifts? Go check them out here and select which subscription will better suit you – there are a number of options to choose from, and the bonus is you can add to your monthly subscription – it’s like a one stop baby toiletry subscription.


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