Childs Play Can Be Such a Pain

As parents we (naturally) hope that our kids get all our good parts of who we are. We hope that someone through some divine interventions that all those “bad” parts are toss away and don’t make them into their DNA. But just sometimes something is passed down the bloodline and bam you can identify exactly what they are going through.

One of my earliest memories of physical pain was when I was a tween, I had growing pains. They were so bad that I would wake up crying. It felt like there was no way to ease it. The pain was only there at night, from what I can remember, my legs would almost burn with pain from my knees, down my shins and into my foot… Sitting here writing this blog I can almost feel the pain again.

Somehow these growing pains werent sifted out with the other bad parts, they found their way into Ladybugs DNA. Her legs get sore at night, sometimes rubbing her legs and creating some warmth can ease the pain, sometimes they can go away with one of Mommy’s scarves placed over her legs. But lately they have gotten worse, they are now waking her up during the course of the night and I have had to resort to giving her medication to ease the pain enough for her to get a decent night sleep.

So the funny thing about growing pains, is that they not actually GROWING pains. They are simply muscle aches due to intense childhood activities like running, jumping, and climbing. Growing pains seem to be more common after a kid has a particularly full day of sports. So while my heart literally breaks into a million pieces as she cries with pain, it smiles at the same time because it means that day she was being a kid, and doing things kids do.

Childs Play


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