My Nerdness Shone Through This Spring Day

Spring has Sprung and this year Spring day had an extra bit of excitement added to it. When I was in school, I loved partaking in activities at school or events, call me a nerd! I do make the effort when Ladybug has homework for school. If she is Bakerman, I get her involved in making things for school. I could easily just go out and buy cupcakes from Spar or Woolies, but where is the fun in that?

So this year we were told that Spring Day the kids could come to school with a fun spring hat and slops. I was super excited – arts and crafts and school projects/homework!!!!

Armed with a glue gun, bits and bobs from around the house, a hat from Ladybugs dress up gear and her plain black flops – we were set and ready to get our her project on the go.

Spring Arts and Crafts

Obviously I didn’t let Ladybug use the glue gun, I mean hell I (re)discovered that the glue from the glue gun is in actual fact freaking hot! I have the small blisters on my fingers to prove it!  We were both happy with how the hat and flops turned out

Spring Hat and Flops

Spring Day arrived and Princess Ladybug was dressed and ready to celebrate in a big way – yes she had ladybugs in spring outfit as well, her hairbands were ladybugs!

Spring Day Outfit

Although we about to be hit with a cold front, I am glad winter is over. The sun is rising earlier, staying up longer and the best part of all, my waterbaby is back in her pool – apparently 13 degrees is the perfect tempreture for Fairy Swimming!

Here’s to long summer days filled with awesomeness


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