Going, Going… OMG What Happened?

I knew the day would come, but I think deep down I was hoping it wouldn’t. I knew that one day I would have to be brave, tame Ladybugs excitement and somehow pull myself towards myself and make an appointment – there was no ways I was going to be doing it myself the first time round.

The end of July I finally caved. I was tired of the crying, the screaming, the knots that were breaking Ladybugs golden locks. As beautiful as her long… very long… hair was, it needed to be cut. Either that or I was going to shave it off!

Ladybug's plait the week before I caved

Ladybug’s plait the week before I caved

The day of Ladybug getting her hair cut, her ponytail measured 37cms!!! Her plait was 27cms… her hair touched the top of her bum without being straightened. Her hair had got to a point where the only way she was able to wear it to school was in a plait of some sort, there was no ways I could leave that hair loose AT ALL! It had also go to the point where tiny little knots were forming and I was having to cut them out, so I gave in and we made the appointment.

Ladybug of course thought this was awesome and was proudly telling EVERYONE at school she was having her hair cut… not that she actually knew what was happening, but it sounded cool.

The first hair cut

The first hair cut

I was happy with the results, a little bit off the bottom, nothing too hectic…. I wasn’t happy with the shaping of it, but I could live with that….

This past weekend Ladybug wanted Princess hair – which is blow dried straight hair… that was when I noticed it. That was when I cried slightly. My Ladybug’s hair was not cut straight at all. It looked like a kid at school had cut her hair, the bottom was jaggared and that’s when I remembered what had happened. The hairdresser had taken out the plait, sprayed the bottom and then cut from there…. She didn’t wet the rest of her hair, she didn’t get the kinks from the plait out. But we live and learn and we take a pair of scissors and sort it out Mommy style.

Another chop to Ladybugs hair and its now straight, although far far shorter than what I would have liked, its looking really good. She is able to wear ponytails to school and we don’t have knotty hair, its looking healthy and the best part of all… it will grow back!!!!

The final results *sob*

The final results *sob*

I guess we live and learn, and sob silently when precious locks of hair fall to the ground.


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