{Review} Getting My Baby Back… Even If It’s Only In The Evenings

A while ago I was sent a new product to try, the Kiehl’s Gentle Hair and Body Wash. Now most people know the Kiehl’s name or at least seen it around, but Kiehl’s have now launched a Baby Collection range of products – the gentle and foaming hair and body wash for babies, baby lip balm and the baby cream. The Kiehl’s Baby Collection range is paraben-free, paediatrician tested, dermatologist tested, and safe and gentle.

I will be honest, I fell in love with the smell, the memories of Ladybug being a baby flooded back. Then I put it in the cupboard and forgot about it. I recently found it again and now I can kick myself for “forgetting” about it. While it is a gentle baby wash, and Ladybug’s days of needing a gentle baby wash are long over, what happened when I used it on her I did not expect. The wash seemed to make her winter dry skin just disappear, its so soft now, and wow the smell is amazing. I think I look forward to bath time more than Ladybug does at this stage, because for a brief moment in the evenings I have my baby Ladybug back, the soft skin, the smell… I will take any little bits of baby Ladybug I can get!
NEW Kiehl's Baby Gentle Hair & Body WashI haven’t tried the Kiehl’s wash on Ladybug’s hair, so I cant tell you how it works on hair – Ladybug has never really had baby hair to use baby hair products on an right now her hair is far to think, long and wavy for simple baby products. But if the results on her skin were THAT good, I can only assume that it works wonderfully as a hair wash too.

Kiehls baby wash
There are three products in the range, but only one is available in South Africa – the Gentle Foaming Hair & Body Wash, Nurturing Baby Cream for Face & Body and Baby Lip Balm. While Keihl’s prices are perhaps a little more than what we are used to paying for baby products, and I get that as parents we do weigh up the price versus quality, you can try some samples at any Kiehl’s store in Sandton City, Rosebank Mall, Eastgate, Canal Walk and Pavillion – Kiehl’s is well known for their “try-before-you-buy” practice.


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