Who Are We

We are a Mother Daughter Duo who are trying to get the hang of this thing called life.  I am Cassie, a 30 something year old Jozi girl.  Im an HR Manager, a part-time student, a newbie runner and a full time single Mom.  Ladybug is a threenager, loving, caring, opinionated, strong willed and quiet the comedian.

Many of you who followed our previous blog will know Ladybug as Widget.  Ladybug was born on the 1st March 2012 at 19h29, a healthy 3,51 kgs and 57 cms at Genesis Clinic.  Apparently it was a peaceful water birth, but Im not so sure on that.  Let me know what you think when you have a look at our birth story.

This space is for us to jot down our adventures and misadventures as the two of us grow and get to know each other.  It is also a place where we unveil our plot to conquer the world in high heels and fancy dress outfits.


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