Job Description Of A Mom

Being in HR, one of the things I do (naturally) is put people in little boxes according to their qualification and their previous experience… Job profiling of sorts. Its an occupational hazard. There is one occupation that I have found constantly changes, it depends on the needs of the day, sometimes it is even as fine as the needs of the hour or minute.

Being a Mom… Its one of the toughest, yet most rewarding job in the world. Its also possibly the one job that we go into thinking we know what is required of us, what our job description is, what our key performance areas are.

There are the basics:
* Keep your child alive
* Feed them
* Clothe them
* Educate them
* Make sure they become fully grown humans without too much scarring
* Love them

But in the professional world, what type of Job description is that? So here is a bit more of a professional looking one:

Mom Job Description
Personally I think this one describes the position of Mom a little more accurately:

Mom Job Description

And then just when I figured I had this whole Mom Job down to a semi sane, fine art, Ladybug decided to have a moment.  In my (infinite) wisdom I asked her what I needed to do to stop this moment – her moment included her sitting in the passage with her knees pulled up and her arms hugging her knees. Her response was simple… “Make me happy”

Such a simple wish, such a simple instruction, such a simple job description… Make me happy. And just like that Ladybug has summed up what being a Mom is actually about, its about making ME happy. How you choose to get there, how you choose to do it is completely up to you, only you have the manual on how to get there, what methods work for you or don’t work for you. But the outcome is the same… make me happy!  The me can be Ladybug, the me can be me, whoever, its about making me happy!

4 thoughts on “Job Description Of A Mom

  1. Heather says:

    Cassie this is an awesome post. I like the way you ended off by saying it doesn’t matter how you get there. Kids want such simple stuff. This evening I was so tired I just wanted Nicky to go to sleep but he wanted to arrange all the cars in the right position on the bed. He yelled for me to turn the light back on. Eventually my husband came in (who prob has more patience at that stage) and dimmed the lights so all the cars could go in the right place. And what do you know, after that he wanted to sleep. If I’d only listened.

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