Its Always On The Bum Mom… Always!

Each stage of Ladybug’s life I fall in love with more and more. She progresses to being more human like in her ways which is awesome. I have blogged before about her fashion sense, or the lack there of, and I have learnt which battles to fight in our house and which ones to let be. A long time ago I stopped trying to correct Ladybugs clothes for school, instead I made sure that all her clothes mixed and matched, it soothed my inner OCD.

Of course with the independence of choosing her own clothes, would be the choice of shoes. Most days in winter it would be slippers. Honestly, I didn’t mind what she wore on her feet as long as they were of a shoe like form and kept her warm – again, I knew which battles to fight in the mornings. Thankfully summer is here and there is one less thing for me to cringe about in the morning because its barefoot all the way!

Naturally we progressed from choosing our own clothes to her undressing herself when it was bath time. Then this progressed to her doing up her own zip on her onesies. I should have paid more attention to what was going on, but I think I turned a blind eye to it because it meant she was growing up. More and more Ladybug has been doing things on her “own self” and then suddenly she’s a semi functioning human in the getting dressed department. To the point where I put her clothes out on her bed – if I have been granted the privilege of choosing them for her – and 10 mins later I come back into her room and she is dressed. Dressed from head to toe, on her own-self! And don’t think for one minute that if she doesn’t approve of the clothes I picked for her that she will just wear that, not a chance, she will change the clothes until she is happy!

Of course there were one of two mornings where her pants or panties were on backwards, so I taught her to make sure the label goes to her bum. This has worked wonders and we may have mismatched clothes or layers of clothes, but they aren’t on backwards.

The other morning Ladybug marched into my room grasping at the label (which was on the side of her vest), with a stern look on her face I got reprimanded “Mommy I told you the label must go on my bum *slaps bum and marches off* well I guess I got that one wrong seeing as I was afforded the opportunity of putting her vest on the night before. While I stood there in shock, not knowing whether to laugh or beam in pride that she got the label thing right, she marched back into my room now with her panties on and proclaimed “You see, I got it right. The label is on my bum. Did you see Mommy? Please get it right next time. Label on the bum *slaps bum and marches off* Well I guess that sets the record straight…. The label is always on the bum irrespective of the item of clothing!

clothing label


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My Knights In Shining Armour Are 2 This Month!!!!

So a few weeks ago *cough* almost 9 *cough* my car decided it was brave and she took on a wet road, a corner and a tree. Needless to say my little half car was a bit smaller after the take down, and a little damaged – obviously the tree won that round. Fortunately, other than bump on the head, bad whiplash and now a neck injury-issue-thing, I came off pretty ok. Ladybug was sleeping out at Sanma and Grandad’s house, I honestly don’t want to think what would have happened to her if she was in the car with me.

My little half car found its way to a “panel beater” and I use the term panel beater very very loosely, 6 weeks later after screaming, shouting, court demands, I got my car back… only to drop it off at my mechanic to make it drivable, but that whole saga is for another blog post.

One thing that has honestly saved my life (besides an awesome friend at work that has helped us with lifts, and the Grandparentals for the occasionally car-jacking) has been the drivers at Uber. Without them I would have been completely stranded. My first interaction with Uber was at the Two Oceans in Cape Town. They collected me, dropped me off at the start, they bought Ladybug and her father to the stadium and they dropped us back at the BnB. It was bliss. We didn’t have to struggle for parking at all. We used them again the next day to get from our house to collect my car.

My brother used them to get around when he was in South Africa – the joys of working on a ship, you don’t really need to do your drivers! So naturally I turned to them when I got stuck.

I will admit there have been one or two questionable trips, but on the whole they have been fantastic. Some of the drivers have opened the door for me to get in which won them a 5* rating right there! Ladybug has loved them too, and she has learnt to sit still in their cars, often engaging with them and finding out who they are. Most times she has them in stitches with her antics and questions. I have met former Sheriff of the Courts, Health and Safety Officers, Tour Guides, Entrepreneurs, all with a different background, all with an interesting story, some drive their own cars, some are in partnerships and some drive for other people.

The one thing that I love about Uber, over and above other taxi companies, is that you can see exactly how far they are, you can watch your little car on the app and you can see when they pull into your street or are about to make their stop. This is awesome when you have a busy toddler like Ladybug who really interested in waiting outside 10 – 15 mins for a taxi that may or may not arrive on time – plus there is the huge safety aspect to it as well, we not two girl humans waiting outside alone for any length of time. The other upside to the app is you can see how much your fare is going to cost (excluding the time factor) – you can do a fare estimate and make your plans from there. We have been using UberX allot, but they do have Uber Black (shame I wont subject the drivers of Uber Black to Ladybug) and there is also Uber Van.

This month, Uber is celebrating their second birthday in South Africa, personally I cant believe its taken me this long to use them! If you haven’t used them already, give them a go. You can use them for that night out where you don’t want to risk being pulled over by the cops, or you can use them just to get around town like we have. All you need to do is download their app, enable your location and ta da you can Uber away (oh yes and enter in your Credit/Debit card details). And seeing as its their birthday, you can enter this promo code 1ztyb and you can get your first Uber ride to the value of R150 for free *echo* for freeeeee…. With love from me ❤

Uber Code
I would seriously be lost, or uber skinny and fit, if it wasn’t for Uber the past 9 weeks. So thank you to each and every one of the drivers at Uber who have literally been my knights in shiny cars and helped my stress free drive home!

uber logo


*I have not been asked to do this review, sharing is caring and Uber have been truly amazing and such a life saver*

Job Description Of A Mom

Being in HR, one of the things I do (naturally) is put people in little boxes according to their qualification and their previous experience… Job profiling of sorts. Its an occupational hazard. There is one occupation that I have found constantly changes, it depends on the needs of the day, sometimes it is even as fine as the needs of the hour or minute.

Being a Mom… Its one of the toughest, yet most rewarding job in the world. Its also possibly the one job that we go into thinking we know what is required of us, what our job description is, what our key performance areas are.

There are the basics:
* Keep your child alive
* Feed them
* Clothe them
* Educate them
* Make sure they become fully grown humans without too much scarring
* Love them

But in the professional world, what type of Job description is that? So here is a bit more of a professional looking one:

Mom Job Description
Personally I think this one describes the position of Mom a little more accurately:

Mom Job Description

And then just when I figured I had this whole Mom Job down to a semi sane, fine art, Ladybug decided to have a moment.  In my (infinite) wisdom I asked her what I needed to do to stop this moment – her moment included her sitting in the passage with her knees pulled up and her arms hugging her knees. Her response was simple… “Make me happy”

Such a simple wish, such a simple instruction, such a simple job description… Make me happy. And just like that Ladybug has summed up what being a Mom is actually about, its about making ME happy. How you choose to get there, how you choose to do it is completely up to you, only you have the manual on how to get there, what methods work for you or don’t work for you. But the outcome is the same… make me happy!  The me can be Ladybug, the me can be me, whoever, its about making me happy!

{Review} Getting My Baby Back… Even If It’s Only In The Evenings

A while ago I was sent a new product to try, the Kiehl’s Gentle Hair and Body Wash. Now most people know the Kiehl’s name or at least seen it around, but Kiehl’s have now launched a Baby Collection range of products – the gentle and foaming hair and body wash for babies, baby lip balm and the baby cream. The Kiehl’s Baby Collection range is paraben-free, paediatrician tested, dermatologist tested, and safe and gentle.

I will be honest, I fell in love with the smell, the memories of Ladybug being a baby flooded back. Then I put it in the cupboard and forgot about it. I recently found it again and now I can kick myself for “forgetting” about it. While it is a gentle baby wash, and Ladybug’s days of needing a gentle baby wash are long over, what happened when I used it on her I did not expect. The wash seemed to make her winter dry skin just disappear, its so soft now, and wow the smell is amazing. I think I look forward to bath time more than Ladybug does at this stage, because for a brief moment in the evenings I have my baby Ladybug back, the soft skin, the smell… I will take any little bits of baby Ladybug I can get!
NEW Kiehl's Baby Gentle Hair & Body WashI haven’t tried the Kiehl’s wash on Ladybug’s hair, so I cant tell you how it works on hair – Ladybug has never really had baby hair to use baby hair products on an right now her hair is far to think, long and wavy for simple baby products. But if the results on her skin were THAT good, I can only assume that it works wonderfully as a hair wash too.

Kiehls baby wash
There are three products in the range, but only one is available in South Africa – the Gentle Foaming Hair & Body Wash, Nurturing Baby Cream for Face & Body and Baby Lip Balm. While Keihl’s prices are perhaps a little more than what we are used to paying for baby products, and I get that as parents we do weigh up the price versus quality, you can try some samples at any Kiehl’s store in Sandton City, Rosebank Mall, Eastgate, Canal Walk and Pavillion – Kiehl’s is well known for their “try-before-you-buy” practice.


Childs Play Can Be Such a Pain

As parents we (naturally) hope that our kids get all our good parts of who we are. We hope that someone through some divine interventions that all those “bad” parts are toss away and don’t make them into their DNA. But just sometimes something is passed down the bloodline and bam you can identify exactly what they are going through.

One of my earliest memories of physical pain was when I was a tween, I had growing pains. They were so bad that I would wake up crying. It felt like there was no way to ease it. The pain was only there at night, from what I can remember, my legs would almost burn with pain from my knees, down my shins and into my foot… Sitting here writing this blog I can almost feel the pain again.

Somehow these growing pains werent sifted out with the other bad parts, they found their way into Ladybugs DNA. Her legs get sore at night, sometimes rubbing her legs and creating some warmth can ease the pain, sometimes they can go away with one of Mommy’s scarves placed over her legs. But lately they have gotten worse, they are now waking her up during the course of the night and I have had to resort to giving her medication to ease the pain enough for her to get a decent night sleep.

So the funny thing about growing pains, is that they not actually GROWING pains. They are simply muscle aches due to intense childhood activities like running, jumping, and climbing. Growing pains seem to be more common after a kid has a particularly full day of sports. So while my heart literally breaks into a million pieces as she cries with pain, it smiles at the same time because it means that day she was being a kid, and doing things kids do.

Childs Play