All I want for Christmas…

Dear Santa,

I have all I want for Christmas, no need to bring me any presents!





Dear Ladybug,

This will be your first Christmas and I’m so stoked I can’t wait! We will be in Australia for  Christmas and you will be spending it with Mommy, Granny, Oupa, (Great) Grampa, (Great) Real Granny, (Great) Uncle David, (Great) Aunty Olivia and Mommys Cousin’s Anthea and Kyle.

On Christmas Eve at 19h29 you would have officially been breathing on your own for as long as you took to cook in Mommy’s Tummy! A long whole 42 1/2 weeks, how awesome is that! I’m sure you will be walking by then too, because your latest trick is to stand on your own without holding onto anything!

My terror Angel, you are Mommy’s most awesomest and bestest present I could ever ask for I dont need anything else, ok maybe YOU can buy Mommy that nice pair of high heels I have been eyeing out!

I love you with all my heart and then tons more!



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