And I Wonder, I Wa-Wa-Wa-Wa-Wonder

Wonder weeks… Although they are typically for infant development, I have noticed they continue with Ladybug now that she is a toddler. They are the weeks where I completely understand why some mothers consider murder. I also now completely understand the term “Driving me to Drink”. Unfortunately Ladybug planned her “Wonder Week” right during my stressful week of the month, payroll week. I have also noticed that they have got worse and worse the older she has got, this time I actually had to call in for reinforcements. The phone call went along these lines:
Me: I know you looking after your Granddaughter on Saturday Morning, but are you able to look after her from Friday night by any chance?
Sanma: Sorry we busy
Me: Are you busy on Monday?
Sanma: No why?
Me: Are you able to attend your Grandchild’s Funeral?
Sanma: We can look after her on Friday night. Would you like us to fetch her from school tomorrow too?
And just like that I had renewed energy to get through a week from hell. Ladybug was Jekyll and Hyde the entire week and the slightest thing would set her off. She asked if she could have icecream and I said yes which apparently was the wrong thing to say so she had a meltdown for 45 mins because I said she could have ice cream… 45 mins because I said yes! It was at this point when the rescue phone call was made, I just couldn’t anymore. I was ready to climb into bed at 18h00 every night, 1 h30 minutes and Jekyll and Hyde had worn me out.

But with a little bit of intervention we made it through, we both made it through alive (although it was touch and go for me when my car argued with a tree and a wet road – the tree won). Then I waited, I waited to see what the “reward” was for surviving hell. It generally takes a week with Ladybug then you can see the results. The results this time have had me in awe, in tears and beaming with pride as well.

Ladybug has taken a giant leap towards being a human. Her independence level has grown so much. She no longer wants me to walk her into school. She is 3 years old and tells me “I go into school by myself Mommy because Im a big girl” and just like that I get kissed goodbye at the car and off she goes, by herself, into the school. I had a huge lump in my throat for the first two mornings, but I didn’t shed a tear. I wept silently inside for hours!

In the mornings Ladybug “helps me” with packing her lunch, it was more of a dictatorship she had going. She would tell me what she did or didn’t like and what she would and would not eat at school. This week, she got her stool, opened the fridge and got out all the things that she needed to get out for her lunch – Viennas, Bread, Butter and fruit. I was instructed to get a knife and the Nutella. She spread the Nutella on the bread with minimal help from me. I found myself catching my breath as I watched this happening and I had to fight back the tears. My little Ladybug would soon be able to make me breakfast in bed *score*

The other concept she has grasped amazingly is her reward chart. She tries really hard to get her stickers every day. Some are easy for her to get, some she needs to work a little harder on.
• Brush her teeth
• Sleep in her own bed the whole night
• Tidy up her toys
• Take her bags in from the car
• Help Mommy
• Don’t cry when getting her hair brushed
• Listen to Mommy
Because she is working to getting her stars every day I have the best Mommy’s Helper in the world at home; she helps with everything, fetching ingredients to cook, putting her clothes in the washing, taking plates to the kitchen and she beams with pride when she does this because she gets a sticker. When she wakes up in the morning, there are smiles and proudly tells me “Mommy I slept in my bed the WHOLE night”. We have had no tears with her hair for 2 weeks now… this is a record!!!!

Another thing I have noticed is that her imagination has grown as well. She is able to play by herself for hours now. She dresses up and plays with her babies and actually interacts with them. I have redone her playroom and she is loving the fact that all her dress up things are easily accessible to her and she tidies up afterwards too!
Dress Up Playroom

I really hope the next developmental leap in Ladybugs life happens in the distant future, I need time to recover from this one and I need time to come to terms that my baby is not actually a baby anymore, she is soon not a Toddler either. We are heading closer and closer to her being a child… I don’t know if I am ready for that just yet!


3 thoughts on “And I Wonder, I Wa-Wa-Wa-Wa-Wonder

  1. Jodie says:

    From reading your blog, I take it that our kids are close in age. Ethan’s also started walking himself to school, so his dad says! Of course, when I took him a week ago, I was like – I don’t care what dad lets you do, I’m walking you in, hahaha. We did the star chart a few months ago and it really helped especially with eating dinner which is often world war 3 in our house…but after 3/4charts, Ethan was “over it”. In fact, when I said we’re going to start it again and for his bad eating, he wouldn’t get a star, he told me something like – it’s okay, I don’t want stars anyway! Okkkk.

  2. Cassie says:

    Jodie we have had the star char for a while, it worked for one or two days then she was over it. But now Im milking it for all its worth!!!! Just now stickers arent going to be enough of a drive and I will have to add the reward incentive.

    Im heart broken about walking into school on her own. I actually cant deal with it so Im hoping its just a phase she is going through and will soon snap out of it.

  3. Heather says:

    hmm makes me wonder if I should do a chart.. it didn’t work so well when I was teaching.. but your child is growing. Mine is going forwards and backwards at the moment.. I can’t keep track. But I think at least the potty training is going forwards!

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