Its Always On The Bum Mom… Always!

Each stage of Ladybug’s life I fall in love with more and more. She progresses to being more human like in her ways which is awesome. I have blogged before about her fashion sense, or the lack there of, and I have learnt which battles to fight in our house and which ones to let be. A long time ago I stopped trying to correct Ladybugs clothes for school, instead I made sure that all her clothes mixed and matched, it soothed my inner OCD.

Of course with the independence of choosing her own clothes, would be the choice of shoes. Most days in winter it would be slippers. Honestly, I didn’t mind what she wore on her feet as long as they were of a shoe like form and kept her warm – again, I knew which battles to fight in the mornings. Thankfully summer is here and there is one less thing for me to cringe about in the morning because its barefoot all the way!

Naturally we progressed from choosing our own clothes to her undressing herself when it was bath time. Then this progressed to her doing up her own zip on her onesies. I should have paid more attention to what was going on, but I think I turned a blind eye to it because it meant she was growing up. More and more Ladybug has been doing things on her “own self” and then suddenly she’s a semi functioning human in the getting dressed department. To the point where I put her clothes out on her bed – if I have been granted the privilege of choosing them for her – and 10 mins later I come back into her room and she is dressed. Dressed from head to toe, on her own-self! And don’t think for one minute that if she doesn’t approve of the clothes I picked for her that she will just wear that, not a chance, she will change the clothes until she is happy!

Of course there were one of two mornings where her pants or panties were on backwards, so I taught her to make sure the label goes to her bum. This has worked wonders and we may have mismatched clothes or layers of clothes, but they aren’t on backwards.

The other morning Ladybug marched into my room grasping at the label (which was on the side of her vest), with a stern look on her face I got reprimanded “Mommy I told you the label must go on my bum *slaps bum and marches off* well I guess I got that one wrong seeing as I was afforded the opportunity of putting her vest on the night before. While I stood there in shock, not knowing whether to laugh or beam in pride that she got the label thing right, she marched back into my room now with her panties on and proclaimed “You see, I got it right. The label is on my bum. Did you see Mommy? Please get it right next time. Label on the bum *slaps bum and marches off* Well I guess that sets the record straight…. The label is always on the bum irrespective of the item of clothing!

clothing label


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