I Drank My Tired Away

I have suffered from being tired for years, Im not talking about the “I was up last night so Im tired today tired” Im talking about the tired where even your tired is tired. The first time we started treating this was when I was in Grade 8 (13 years old) it was the first time I noticed it, who knows it could have been around for years before that. As the years have gone on, it has become clearer that I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), but the problem is there is no treatment for it – you can individually treat different aspects of it, the Iron Deficiency, the Low blood sugar (Borderline hypoglycaemia), Low blood pressure (Borderline hypotension), the Stress, the Depression but in my case Im not in a Chronic phase of all of those, Im just borderline so I have to remain tired. Getting enough sleep would seem like the logical option, but I am in bed asleep most nights by 20h00 and I wake up at 05h00 exhausted! The days when I am not tired I get excited, and that’s what happened last week.

I ventured on a Juice cleanse by the Juiced Co. I went with the 3 Day What a Weekend Cleanse (times 2 – so in theory a 6 day cleanse). The What a Weekend is ideal for those looking for maximum results in the shortest possible time. Its for Green Juice Lovers – I decided to go for this cleanse because the green juice is filled with all the things my Iron Deficiency needs.


So what do you get in your neatly packaged polystyrene cooler box (which can be delivered to you or collected) You get 5 X 500ml juices daily, Two herbal teas daily, Wheatgrass or apple/ginger shot daily and a schedule, which you can pop on your fridge, detailing what to drink and when.


Day 1: I was amped about Day one. I had defrosted the juiced the night before, I was prepped. The schedule was in my office, on my fridge and on my phone. There was no ways I was going to let the cleanse get the better of me. I was prepared for the headaches, I was prepared for the hunger, I was prepared for the laughter and comments of insanity by my colleagues. I was prepared for the awful tasting juices.

To my surprise, Day 1 went really well. Everyone that knew at work thought I was insane, completely mad – perhaps they were right, but I was doing this. The headaches weren’t happening, the hunger wasn’t happening. In fact I didn’t finish the last juice at dinner time because I simply wasn’t hungry. I was pleasantly surprised that the awful tasting juices actually weren’t awful at all – they were drinkable, almost enjoyable!


Day 2: Armed with my cooler bag at work, Day 2 was on the go. I did change the schedule a bit to be honest, I moved everything up by an hour, but that is simply because my normal hours (ie work) is an hour earlier than the average Joe out there. By moving everything forward an hour worked for me. I moved offices on Friday so did a lot of physical work, and surprisingly I had energy to do this. Still no headaches, still no hunger.

Day 3: That moment you realize you on day 3 of a potential 6 Day cleanse and a Saturday of a long weekend! *palm face* but I stuck to it because I was 3kgs down already and plenty cms around my ever expanding waist line! I wont lie I battled with running around on the weekend, kiddies birthday parties at Mc Donald’s don’t really bode well during a Cleanse, but I stayed strong. Again I didn’t have any headaches, but shooo did I battle with the Green Juice!


I gave up at the end of Day 3. I decided for me its easier for me to do a 3 day cleanse during the week preferably when there are no kiddies birthday parties or long weekends! What I did notice though, and which is why I started with explaining my CFS is that I wasn’t tired. Not on any of the days. My tired wasnt tired which is a first in a very long time (as I am blogging this my tired is so tired a 3 day sleep cleanse is needed). I did a lot during the 3 days, I spring cleaned Ladybug’s bedroom, her cupboard, her playroom, reorganized the playroom, this was all while I did the normal things like move offices at work, go to work, go to Physio, do a Kiddies Birthday Party, Blog and be Mommy. My energy levels were amazing! I didn’t feel hungry once during the Cleanse and I didnt have any headaches.

On the plus side I was 4kgs down on day 4, a ton of cms and feeling great. Now don’t get me wrong, I have about 100kgs to loose which is why I lost so much in the 3 days, it might not be the same results for everyone that does the cleanse. If you are interested in juicing, pop on over to Juiced Co and have a look around their site and see what works best for you. Im glad I tried the Cleanse and I will definitely be doing the next 3 Day cleanse soon.


This is not a sponsored post, nor was I paid for the post, this is something I did because I am amazed at how I felt while on the cleanse and after all, sharing is caring and Im sharing the love!


2 thoughts on “I Drank My Tired Away

  1. Cassie says:

    I honestly didn’t think I could either, logic told me it wasn’t possible. For me a big struggle was the habit of eating junk food. I honestly wasn’t hungry at all

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