Things I Have Done As A Parent That I Am Starting To Regret

I try not live with regret, but lets be honest there are things we do that later on come to bite us in the ass, and it doesn’t matter if we did them with good intention they still bite us in the ass! There are a few things that I have done with Ladybug that well I am beginning to regret!

Ladybug still has a bottle at night, when she goes to bed, its part of her routine. So being a nice Mommy I decided to warm her bottle up on those cold nights just to give her a little bit of warmth in her tummy before she nods off to dreamland. Well, I now regret that, because Princess Ladybug will not take a cold bottle now. I need to warm it up. She has even told me “Mommy feel the bottom, is it warm?…. No!”

Sticking with the nice Mommy theme, Ladybug loves her bath time, she always has. Its her time, her space and she can recharge and relax in the bath. We have an old house, and with an old house, comes an old ceramic bath which means that the hot water doesn’t always stay hot in the bath. Every now and then if she is engrossed in her game she is playing, I will go and top up the hot water in the bath… why because I am a nice Mommy and I don’t want her lips to turn blue. The other night, she was playing so nicely (and I was using the time in the bath to clean up her playroom without her help), I topped up the water twice. When I went into the bath to now try get her out, I mistakenly told her to get out the bath before she gets too cold. I was told “Its ok Mommy, you can just put bigger (lots) hot water in and I won’t be cold”

I have taught Ladybug that each day of the week means something – I did this in hopes that I could get her to sleep in on a Saturday morning – fat chance! She knows that Saturday Morning we Skype Granny (in Australia) some mornings she has woken up at 4am excited to Skype Granny because she learnt a new song she NEEDS to sing to Granny. She knows that Sunday is Grandads Hockey Day (He Umpires Hockey and we tend to go shopping with Sanma) this past weekend she nagged and nagged to go play hockey with Grandad, “Because Mommy its Sunday and its Hockey day now!”


Because there is only the two of us at home, I expect Ladybug to help me with things. Its also part of her learning responsibility and if I start now, it will become the norm and she will just do it. After dinner, she takes my plate to the kitchen when we have finished eating – she takes mine, but what take her plate go figure – Im sure when a plate or a cup come crashing down on the tiled floor Im going to regret this lesson, but until that happens I will carry on allowing her to help.

I am beginning to regret the night time routine I implemented to get Ladybug to sleep in her own bed. The Monster Spray is now taking at least 5 mins, there are monsters in the oddest of places – I have at least a dozen monsters on my shoulders and head and back – and sometimes I get called back to spray a monster because it was hiding when I sprayed the first time round, but it does get Ladybug to sleep in her own bed and it does make her feel safe in her bed.

These are just a few of the things I have done as a Mom that are have started biting me in the ass, or are going to bite me in the ass, but I must be honest, I wouldn’t change a single one for the world. Yes, this is a list of the things that I am starting to regret, or will regret when a plate is broken, but this list is short compared to the list of things that I have gained beyond my wildest dreams.



3 thoughts on “Things I Have Done As A Parent That I Am Starting To Regret

  1. Heather says:

    I think there’s a lot in hindsight we could change but anyway, we learn! I think all those little things you do are appreciated by your Ladybug.

  2. catjuggles says:

    Ah I think they are fine- we all love our little routines and things that keep us happy. Just maybe the bedtime bottle one can be an issue in future with teeth but the rest – harmless. Enjoy them

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