{Product Review} The NUK Sports Cup

I will admit I received this product a while ago to review, but I had to put it through its paces before I could write an honest review on it.


The stats:

  • • 450mil capacity; ideal for games and sport
  • With Practical and convenient soft push-pull spout made from transparent cilicone, clip and integrated cover
  • Lightweight and spill-proof
  • Made from robust and unbreakable polypropylene (PP)
  • Bissphenol-A (BPA) Free
  • Available in two attractive designs


Ok now that we got the stats covered, lets get down to business.

I was excited to try this product, actually I was more excited to put it through the Ladybug Challenge. Ladybug has this uncanny ability to destroy most indestructible things, how? I don’t have a clue, its not like she is malicious in doing it, it just happens. The one thing I am CONSTANTLY buying and on the search for is an indestructible, spill-proof juice bottle.

Ladybug has the ability to chew through nearly any kind of top on a juice bottle, plastic, silicone you name it… within a week there are teeth marks and little holes start forming on the spout which means the spill proof has gone! Within a month, the spout is no longer attached to the juice bottle which means it lands up in the recycling bin!

The NUK Sports Cup has been put through the Ladybug paces for 4 months and I am pleased to report that it is STILL spill-proof! There are no teeth marks or little holes developing on the spout. The only thing that has “gone wrong” with the Nuk Sports cup is that the lid has found its way into fairy hands and is now missing! The clip on the side of the bottle is still intact, and is often used when we are out exploring or when she is running… apparently having a Juice Bottle swinging from side to side while running is a thing of great excitement and delight in Ladybug’s life.

Star Rating:


I would give the Nuk Sports Cup 4 out of 5 stars – the only downfall from my side is the non-fairy-theft-proof lid that has gone missing.



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