Kids Say The Darndest Things

Sometimes Ladybug has the most classic answers for things, so I figured why not interview her and see what she has to say about a few things in her life

What is something mommy always says to you? I don’t know… Mommy says I don’t know
What makes you happy? *shugs* I don’t know (Clearly we in an “I don’t know mood”)
What makes you sad? When you kissing me too hard. You must never kissing me hard
What makes you laugh? The rock (as in a stone not Dwayne Johnson… I don’t know!)
How old are you? *shows 3 fingers*
How old is Mommy? I don’t know… Two!
What is your favorite thing to do? *Thumbs up*
Who is your best friend? Mommy… and Changkla and Maffew and Umi and Lilly and Rachy and Fluffy and Izzy Teddy and Minions and Doccie Stuffins and Cinderella and Mickey Mouse and Disney Junior
What do you want to be when you grow up? Spiderman… Spiderman… Superman and Spiderman. I can be a SupermanSpiderman hey Mommy?
What are you really good at? Winding Mommy up and then making all resistance crumble by telling her I love her (ok I answered that one for her)
What are you not very good at? Listening to Mommy (ok I answered that one too for her)
What did you do today? Ummm I played with Changkla, did Yoga Post and Whammajam (Whambajam)… Its Wednesday…. And I swing and Lilly say NO!
What is your favorite food? Marshmallows
What do you want for Supper? Vegetables and Carrots and Strawberries. No Chicken just Bacon… And Pizza.
What is your favorite song? *sings* “All about that base no trouble” (Meghan Trainor All about that base)
What do you want for your birthday this year? To jump higher with Spiderman… Uncle Panda, he’s Spiderman.
What is your favorite animal? Fluffy (Cat) and Bella and Buzz and Coco (Labradors)
What is love? True Loves Kiss
What does Mommy do for work? You work that way *points down the road* with all the other peoples. You go to work and I stay by Sanma
Where do you live? In a big big house with my Dog Coco (we don’t have a dog – Coco is her Grandparents Dog)
Where is your favorite place to go? The Beach (Sea) – Mommy can we go to the beach?
What car do you want to get when you big? A big blue truck (a Blue Double Cab and it has to be a double cab not just any random blue truck)
What is your favourite Colour? Pink… and Rice – like black but not black (she means white)
Who fixes things that break? The fairies and if the faires don’t ficked it, then Sanma and Granddad. Oh no the fairies didn’t ficked your car Mommy, the man must ficked it cos its broken (I had an altercation with a wet road, a tree and my car… my car lost)
What scares you? The Monsters, and fighting and shouting. People mustn’t shouting or fighting hey Mommy?
Do you love Mommy? Yes… I love you to March, April and May
Does Mommy love you? Yes… To May!




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