A Pattern Perfect Child

Each child is unique, each child comes with their own little problems quirks. In our family, we don’t exactly fit the pattern perfect cut. When Nonny was little we had a massive problem with her being so tiny. I remember going to Australia when she was 3 or 4 and I bought her her first tankini (it was the first time her tummy showed out of a costume) and I bought age 2. I still remember having an argument with my Uncle about how it wouldn’t fit her and that I would need to get a bigger size, but I stuck to my guns and as it turned out we needed to take the bottoms in on each side because they were still too big for her.

This “problem” has followed Nonny pretty much her whole life. Even now as a fully grown human, she still falls into the miniature side of the scale – ok well miniature in my books. I will never have to worry about my sister stealing permanently borrowing my clothes or shoes because she will drown in them.


A Fully Grown Human Sized Nonny

Now I have the complete opposite problem with Ladybug! Ladybug has legs that go on for miles… Which Im sure in the far far (far far far far….. hopefully when Im pushing up daisies) away future they will be a huge advantage, but right now I silently weep every time I need to buy her pants. A few weeks ago we bought my 3… that’s THREE… year old child age 5 – 6 jeans simply for the length. Fortunately the waist had that nifty elastic that can make it smaller otherwise they will fall off her.

At the beginning of winter I thought I was going to be super prepared and I bought some tracksuit pants that were age 3 – 4 years and just for good measure I bought tracksuit pants that were aged 4 -5 years because I figured they would last until next winter… goodness knows why I was thinking such a silly thing like that. The other morning I was getting Ladybug dressed and I put on the tracksuit pants, I still thought to myself that I must get the bigger sized ones out because these ones fit perfectly and might not see the end of winter. Then I checked the label…. Oh my word! They were the bigger ones! The aged 4-5 ones. They fit her perfectly. They fit my THREE YEAR OLD perfectly!!!

Ladybug in her size  4 - 5 year old tracksuit pants

Ladybug in her size 4 – 5 year old tracksuit pants

I think we may soon run into a HUGE problem. If Ladybug is already in 4-5 and 5-6 year old pants, we might not be able to buy her pants next winter because of the simple fact that her waist is not that of a 4 – 5 or 5 – 6 year old. She is still tiny in terms of her waist and upper body. Strappy tops that are age 2 fall off her shoulders, I need to synch them in at the back to keep them from falling down the whole day. In fact if 12 – 18 month old tops were merely a little longer, she would still fit into them perfectly, now they are starting to resemble midriffs… but then again we might be onto something. Are Midriffs in fashion now?

I cant wait for Summer to make its appearance, at least then I know Ladybug will have pants that fit her, and I can buy ages 3-4 years. Who cares if on an average child they are full leg ski pants on on Ladybug they 3/4s? The up side of course is that the shorts cant get any shorter, its just the legs sticking out of them that are getting longer!!!



2 thoughts on “A Pattern Perfect Child

  1. Jodie says:

    Same with Ethan on our side! He’s 3.5years old and I was shocked to see how comfortably he fits into 4-5year clothes!!! Had to take back an entire wardrobe and get bigger sizes. He’s also a skinny malink around his midriff so hoping these clothes are still wearable next year too 🙂

  2. Heather says:

    We fit this year’s tops and last year’s bottoms! The pants are too long for Nicky!

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