The Transition Has Happened

One of the advantages (or disadvantages Im still trying to decide) to me being as sick as I was, I made Ladybug sleep in her own bed so that she didn’t get what I had. This is bittersweet for me because we have co-slept since night 1. There have been some nights that she had slept in her own bed or cot, but she was in my room and not in her own room. When we moved to our new house (over a year ago) I was all geared for her to make the transition from my bed to her room, but to be honest any excuse I could come up with to get her back into my bed I accepted – it was cold in her room, she was not well, she asked, I missed cuddling her…. You name it I found the excuse.

Co-sleeping with a 3 year old does have its disadvantages though. She wriggles, moves and took to sleeping vertically on the bed. Suddenly my Queen size bed just wasn’t big enough for Ladybug, me and Fluffy (where every Ladybug sleeps you sure to find Fluffy sleeping too). But then it has its advantages too, Ladybug snuggles so well. She climbs right up in there and loves falling asleep with her arms wrapped around me whispering “I love you”. During the night if she woke up, she would ask to cuddle which I didn’t mind at all. Then of course there the mornings where waking up to that sweet angelic face is the best thing in the world. There are also the morning wake up kisses (from her) and the giggles, the playing hide-and-go-seek or the giggles from fake sleeping.

But sometimes it doesn’t matter what you want as a Mom, sometimes you need to put your child’s health first and getting her to sleep in her own bed was the best thing for her at the time. But there was a lot of prep from my side that had to go into it. Firstly, I forgot how Ladybug has a born-in fear of the dark, and with a black room her bedroom gets very dark. This meant when she woke up in the night the “Monsters” would make her wake up properly and want to come to my bed. Then of course there was the challenge of when she went to bed she thought the Monsters were going to get her. So this Mommy got creative to keep the monsters away.

  • We got Monster Spray to spray the room when we getting ready for bed – this is a red spray bottle with water in it. It keeps the Monsters at bay long enough for her to get into bed.
  • We have a Princess Bed which keeps the monsters out but allows Ladybug and Fluffy to sleep in it – It’s her Mosquito Net that covers 90% of her bed. As far as Ladybug is concerned Monsters can’t get in through the netting.
  • We have fairy lights that help her see there are no Monsters in the Princess Bed – I got creative with a night light. Christmas Fairy lights can be used as a night light. I have attached them to the top of her Mosquito Net. It gives enough light for her to see if she wakes up at night, but it dull enough for her to sleep.


The transition from Mommy’s bed to Ladybug’s bed has gone well. Very well in fact, we are both getting better nights sleep. She is sleeping through again – maybe the fact that I am no longer repositioning her during the course of the night and being told “Sies Wena” while moving her. She is also sleeping later in the mornings, she is back to sleeping 11 – 12 hours a night which means Mommy gets to lay in bed until at least 07h30 on Saturdays and Sundays.

I don’t think I can class myself as a Co-Sleeping Mommy anymore. I knew this day (or night) would come but I was hoping it wouldn’t be so soon. Its just one more indication that my little Ladybug is growing up and isn’t my baby anymore.



2 thoughts on “The Transition Has Happened

  1. Heather says:

    you are one step ahead of me! Nicky has been in his own bed since after he turned two but I normally spend most of the night there. Last night I actually slept most of the night in my own bed – a miracle! Until the dog woke us all up at 4am..
    Love the way you did the fairy lights – now that’s a princess bed!

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