Huggies® New Baby and Nappy Pants

On Saturday morning I attended a Huggies® function at the Country Club. I was excited to see what new things Huggies® had to offer, and they didn’t disappoint.

First up we were introduced to the new changes in the New Baby Range – we received sample nappies, I was shocked to see how small Ladybug was, I cant believe she once fitted into these nappies (now her baby wears them!)


Anyways back to the New Baby Nappies – whats new with them? Huggies® New Baby, is now available with SoftAbsorb™ technology. This makes them super soft both inside and out. The soft liner absorbs runny poo and wetness in second. The other great new feature is a “poo pocket” at the back of the nappy – this stops that extra runny poo from going everywhere. Who hasn’t had poo go right up the back of baby and the babygrow and the bed and and and… now this poo pocket will prevent that from happening.

Poo Pocket

Some of the regular features of the New Baby Nappy is the cut out section for the umbilical cord making it easier to clean and allows for it to breath – where was this 3 years ago?? I cant remember any of Ladybugs nappies having this awesome feature. The other regular feature the New Baby Nappies have is the colour change indicator – when the nappy is wet the line changes colour. With so many things to try and master when you have a new born, this is a huge help – this was one of the most valuable lessons the midwives gave me when I had Ladybug.

nbaby 0 24

We were also introduced to the new Huggies® Nappy Pants – I was super excited about this. Although Ladybug has been full potty trained since February last year, I haven’t rushed her night time nappies. I am quiet happy for her to be in them for a while – the alternative of a wet child waking up and me having to change bed linen at 2am…. Night time nappies are far easier. I thought the idea of Nappy Pants is Pants-tastic.


Huggies® Nappy Pants are as absorbent as regular nappies, but are uniquely designed to fit like underwear – this is important especially when you have a 3 year old who is desperately trying to make her mark as a BIG girl. She now wears sleeping panties, its great. The all-round soft and stretchy waistband prevents the nappy pants from slipping down and the double leg elastic gently surrounds and hugs baby’s legs for a secure fit to prevent any leaks. The Nappy Pants are gender specific which allows for more comfort and effectiveness for precious little boys and girls. Best of all they come in Mickey and Minnie designs and they are super soft.

21416 Nappy Pants Boy Size4_FA CVT

Keep an eye out in all major shopping centres for pop-up Huggies® Promo stands where you are able to get samples of the new Nappy Pants (they from Sizes 3 – 5). If you don’t come across a Huggies® Promo stand, give @Huggies_SA a shout on Twitter and they will happily send you some Nappy Pants to try out on your little one.



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