It takes a Village to Raise a Child

I have been in bed for a week… a week! What started off as flu, turned nasty and became bronchitis, a nasty bronchitis, the type that has your Doctor sending you for xrays to make sure you don’t have Pneumonia. Never in my life have I been relieved to hear the words “You don’t need to be admitted” – not that I thought being admitted was actually an option, how could it be? It was at that point that a million thoughts ran through my mind, a million thoughts about Ladybug.

Yes, Im a single Mom. Yes we are a two member family and we pretty much function quiet effectively. There is no Dad, there is no boyfriend, no “Someone else” who can quickly watch Ladybug while I do something or go somewhere. Its pretty much me myself and I. Until this last week, I haven’t really battled because well its our way of life. Its our family. But boy this week I felt it.

There were a few days where the simple task of getting Ladybug up, dressed and ready for school were daunting, in fact there was one day where I kept her at home because I knew there was no ways I could get her to school in 30 mins, especially the way I was feeling. There were days when I was completely exhausted from simply taking her to school, that I had to stop at the Grandparentals and recover – We live 5kms from School, the Grandparentals live 800m from school and some days this trip alone was exhausting.

This last week has made me realize that although I am a single Mom, it still takes a village to raise a child. Yes I do most of the ground work, but there are others around that lend more than a helping hand. Be it her teachers who played a vital role in the days that she could actually get to school, they looked after Ladybug so that I could rest at home. Be it Sanma or Grandad who fed me tea and food, kept Ladybug entertained and often played chauffeur to places or things we needed to be at or go to. They also offered to fetch her from school and bring her home. I had a friend offer to pick Ladybug up for a couple of hours so that I could rest. Sometimes – and definitely in my case – I had to be almost at a point where I felt helpless to realize that there is help all around.

Thankfully Friday’s result meant I wasn’t hospitalized for Pneumonia, but it did make me look around at what I have in place in the event that something like that does happen and I can quiet confidently say that I have a pretty amazing Village helping me raise Ladybug!




2 thoughts on “It takes a Village to Raise a Child

  1. Heather says:

    Hope you are feeling better now! It’s awful when we are sick and have to rely on others, but I guess it makes us appreciate them more…

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