Take me to Narnia

I love summer, it’s the most fabulous time of the year. Ladybug and I are both Summer Lovers, but we learning to love winter. With winter comes jackets, gloves, scarves and boots. With boots you need socks… There is the issue right there… Socks!

One of my memories from my childhood was my mom losing her shit cool over me losing school socks. She never quiet understood (and neither did I to be honest) how I could put 2 socks – a pair- in the washing basket but NEVER have a matching pair in the cupboard. Somewhere between coming off my feet, entering the washing basket – after detouring via my school bag, under my bed to be honest – then onto the washing machine, the washing line and then finally reaching my cupboard A sock got lost. It was never a pair of socks that got lost, it was always A sock that got lost. I was convinced there was a monster in the washing machine that ate my socks.

This problem followed me into my teens and adult life, to the point that I bought character socks and developed a love for character socks just so that I could find the matching partner, but even this ingenious idea hasn’t helped me, I still have a draw fill of odd socks. I simply cannot get rid of these odd socks, because I still cling to the hold that I will find the other sock and the pair will be reunited.

It seems this missing sock issue has now filtered through to Ladybug’s socks. How on earth can she have SO MANY odd socks? I swear, its not like there is anyone else involved in the washing process. Its me, her slave, that does all the washing, the hanging up and the folding as well as the returning to her cupboard. And yet, there are still missing socks!

So with the thought of having to buy yet another 100 pairs of socks for this winter, I decided to google where missing socks go…. This is the answer I got:


Finally, I know where missing socks go… Narnia. This weekend I have every intention of packing my bags and heading off to Narnia to locate our missing socks!



4 thoughts on “Take me to Narnia

  1. moirads says:

    Simple remedy. Buy only identical socks – all black or all plain white or all lime green. Then it doesn’t matter if one gets lost, It will still match the others. Of course, if you buy colours you don’t like no sock will ever get lost. It works. Promise.

  2. catjuggles says:

    Love this! Following on an Ottoline book my kids believe that there is a bear that lives behind the washing machine and that is where missing socks go to

  3. Cassie says:

    I think I need to track down that bear, I was unsuccessful with my Narnia mission. More socks went missing this weekend.

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