A Weekend of Exploring

This weekend we did a few different things, we seized the moment, explored out City and enjoyed the winter rays! Saturday morning Ladybug and I braved the cold and met up with some friends at The March Hare for Hot Chocolate and Coffee before heading out to the streets of Maboneng for a New Balance and Fuji #Instameet and Photo walk.

I have been watching the #MyStreetStory feed on Instagram… wow such awesome photos and such creative stories being told through the lens of a camera.

Ladybug wasn’t going to be left out of the action and she “Took” photos too with her camera – although truth be told a lot of the time she was just looking through the camera and watching a “video” through the display screen, but it’s the first step and she will get there.



This have to be one of my Favourite photos I took on Saturday morning, it was a school in the middle of Maboneng. Beautifully maintained, well looked after and you could almost feel the learners pride when you went through the gate. This photo was taken with my phone, which is why I am even more amazed by the outcomes of it.


There is another photo walking happening on the 16th June:


Sunday we headed off to Monte Casino for some entertainment and fun in the sun. We were treated to a show from The Beautiful Creatures. Ladybug was a bit reserved at first, but hells bells when they were invited up on stage to do the actions, Ladybug ran up there with all the other kids and was in her element!


The show is on again in July and August:


We rounded the weekend off with a trip to the Fourways Farmers Market – FINALLY a real market! I cant tell you how many markets we have explored in hopes that we can find a nice market, and we finally did. We will definitely be back!!

All in all, our weekend was amazing and we discovered an explored so many fabulous things and none of them broke the bank – besides buying food and drinks I think it cost R10 and that was for the parking at Monte Casino.



2 thoughts on “A Weekend of Exploring

  1. Cassie says:

    Oh dear! I hope the sick has at least eased up a bit. Good luck with the studying. Holidays are around the corner

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