Naartjie Clothing Drive

Its back!!! This is one of the clothing drives that I am behind 100%! This is the 3rd year that this initivite is running. This year Naartjie Kids aims to give 30 000 items of clothing to disadvantaged children this Mandela Day.  I have already started going through Ladybug’s closet and the heap of clothes is growing (thanks to her growth spurt).

In honour of Mandela Day this year, Naartjie Kids is once again asking their customers to donate their second hand children’s clothing to help clothe approximately 6 000 disadvantaged children and youth in the Western Cape.


Thanks to the incredible support of Naartjie Kids’ customers, the drive continues to grow from strength to strength: “Last year, we received over 21 500 items of second hand clothing! One of our moms arrived at our Pavilion store with a trolley load of clothes, amounting to close to 300 pieces of clothing. Customers such as these have shown such generosity and we couldn’t do this without them. This year, we hope to get 30 000 pieces!” enthuses Esperanza Nortje, Chairperson of the Naartjie Love Foundation and Marketing Manager of Naartjie Kids.

How the Love Foundation Clothing Drive works: (Check out the YouTube Video here)

For every piece of wearable kids clothing (of any brand) that customers bring into a Naartjie store, they will receive a 5% discount voucher. Customers can add their vouchers together and get up to 25% off their purchase at one time. If customers bring in more than 5 pieces of clothing, their remaining vouchers can be used on their next purchase. The cut-off date to bring clothing in and earn vouchers is the 15th of June and the vouchers expire on the 30th of June this year.


Works our perfectly because Naartjie’s Autumn range was released on the 10th April… Check out some of the awesome Autumn range here

Background on the Goedgedacht Trust:

“Our store wide clothing drive is always a highlight on our calendar and will kick off on the 9th of April this year. All donated clothing will be received by the Goedgedacht Trust, which supports children and youth in over 18 rural communities throughout the Western Cape. The Trust’s need for clothing is great, especially with winter around the corner and most of the children being in need of extra clothes,” said Nortje.


The Goedgedacht Trust runs a rural development centre 87 km north of Cape Town. There, they run a number of programmes designed to positively influence the lives of the inhabitants of the surrounding Swartland and West Coast area. The Path Out of Poverty programme (POP) for rural children and youth is the flagship programme of the Trust. Children can enter the programme from four months old and continue to be part of it until they are 25. The model is based on four pillars, namely education, health, personal development and care for the planet.

Background on the Naartjie Love Foundation:
The Naartjie Love Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life of children from disadvantaged communities throughout South Africa. Their mission is to bring lasting and positive change to these children with the emphasis on their primary needs, including their absolute safety, and on their education and loving care. They hope that the children touched by the Naartjie Love Foundation’s efforts will regain a sense of self-worth and in turn enjoy a brighter future.



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