My Princess Spiderman

Ladybug recently turned 3… which in my books is a huge achievement from my side. I have managed to keep a living breathing thing alive for 3 years, which is far far longer than I can keep a plant alive for, or a hamster or even a gold fish. So YAY for me!!

Being a Threeanger, Ladybug had a say in exactly what she wanted for her birthday. I gave her the option of a Frozen themed party or a Jumping Castle. She chose a jumping castle *score*, so I booked a pretty pink and purple princess jumping castle well in advance. Closer to the time Ladybug kept on going on about a Spiderman party, but when I kept reminding her that she had a jumping castle, her instructions were very clear. She wanted a Jumping Castle Spiderman party and she wanted Spiderman to jump high in the sky on the jumping castle with her. A simple request in the eyes of an almost Threenager.

How on earth was I going to get this right? So I pulled in all my contacts (read: I mailed her Uncle Panda) my message was simple “Your niece has decided she wants a Jumping Castle Spiderman Party. I have taken care of the jumping castle, can you take care of Spiderman?” and with that the most epic party was well on the way to being… well EPIC!

Ladybug had a Princess Jumping Castle, she had a Spiderman Cake and best of all, she had Spiderman AT her party and he did jump high in the sky with her on the jumping castle! She loved her birthday party, her friends loved her birthday party and everyone enjoyed themselves.


Thank you to everyone that had a part to play in making Ladybugs birthday party magical, and a big thank you to Uncle Panda for being an awesome Uncle and giving a little girl a party to remember! She knew it was him that was Spiderman, but when she told me she knew, her comment was “I love him SO much” it made her day (and her Uncle Panda’s day too).

Now she wants a Shrek Party!



2 thoughts on “My Princess Spiderman

  1. Heather says:

    Awesomesauce! Nicky has a Spiderman outfit he liked so much he slept in it once. I think it’s important to give kids what they want for their parties and you really did that.

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