The Best Advice I Ever Got

As Moms we are always getting advice, and lets be honest we give it too, sometimes we are given advice that we never asked for in the first place. Most of the time its advice we wont use or that is totally irrelevant to our lives/situation.

But every now and then, we are given a piece of advice that is an absolute gem.  The advice I was given (by Grasshopper Granny) was “Have 2 wardrobes for Ladybug.  A school wardrobe and a home wardrobe” I followed this advice, sometimes I wondered why I bothered keeping 2 wardrobes, but then Ladybug would come home with ripped/split leggings and I would thank the stars that they weren’t the Naartjie leggings that were ripped.

Ladybug has been promoted to the big playground, after spending 3 years in the Baby Centre Playground.  The big playground has a massive jungle gym, a few more slides, some swings, a track, a soccer area and a sandpit.  Ladybug LOVES the sandpit, Mommy, not so much!  I have been told that she goes there every opportunity she gets, even if there is no one else in the sandpit, you can rest assured Ladybug is there!

I personally have nothing against Ladybug loving the sandpit, I think it’s great, but I think my washing machine is going to disagree with me soon.  Ladybug is FILTHY when I fetch her from school – one the up side, I’m taking the level of filth as a direct indication of how much fun she had at school.

And all I can hear is that tiny bit of advice I got from Grasshopper Granny – “Remember to have 2 wardrobes, one for school and one for home”.  I get it now.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  At least Ladybug doesnt have to look like an orphan on the weekends!



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