We are back…

We back from our holiday in Australia

We back at school and we back at work

We back on the blog too!

There is so much that happened before we went to Australia, I had to deal with a lot of things, a lot of personal things which made it very hard for me to blog, not because I didn’t want to – I started a thousand blogs, but I never really found the words to complete them.  I was battling to process things, but having now processed a lot of the things I think I can find the words to complete some blogs or create new ones at least.

2014 was an exciting year, it saw some big changes for Ladybug and I, some exciting changes.  A lot of firsts happened for both of us, but it ended on a very difficult note, emotionally I was spent.  But I have decided that 2015 is going to be awesome.  I am letting go of allot of things, people and negativity.  I am concentrating on making life awesome and amazing for Ladybug and Its time to put me first – Im not going to neglect Ladybug, not at all because she is my life, my soul and my reason for being.  But it does mean that I am not longer putting myself out there for others to use and drain when I can invest time and energy into me and what makes me happy… get my drift?

I started this change before we left for our holiday, I decided to focus on making our house a home and Im excited with the way things are shaping up and looking awesome!!!!

The garden got some attention (read… I finally got a Gardener –who  is a miracle worker)

Ladybug’s playroom got a revamp

Our lounge got a revamp – Im so excited that my orange wall is back!!!

And our memories wall is slowly taking shape

The kitchen is getting a makeover and declutter at the moment, and a general fix up!  Next is the bedrooms and bathroom… lots of DIY and lots of painting – my heart is singing!

So here is to an awesome 2015!!! I cant believe we are actually at the end of January already!!!



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