Meet Bointjie

Yesterday I witnessed another HUGE milestone for Ladybug, one that I have been waiting in anticipation for her to get to.  Yesterday I got to meet Bointjie.  I cant tell you what Bointjie looks like, but I can tell you that the following:

Bointjie is a Boy
Bointjie LOVES chicken and sweets and he likes sharing them with Ladybug
Bointjie is silly
Bointjie is also naughty
Bointjie lives in the car (for now)
Bointjie is Ladybug’s first Imaginary friend!

Bointjie hasn’t managed to make it out the car yet, he still sleeps there (according to Ladybug) but I am eager to see how this little friend grows or if he is joined by new friends.

Im loving this stage of Ladybug’s development, it makes all the not listening and the tantrums worth it – well almost!


I promise to spend countless hours updating you on the goings on this long weekend… Ok maybe not countless hours, but I promise to post some updates!


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