Clutch Snaps… NO Problem, I run!

My clutch cable snapped on my trusty (new/old) half a car… beforehand, this would have had me in a flat panic, I would have been in tears no knowing what I was going to do, how I was going to get around.  But things have changed, my life has changed.  When I was mentally working out the logistics on how to fetch Ladybug from school I was excited… I could run to fetch her.

Yes… take a nice leisurely run to the school to fetch her – it is 5kms on the dot from school to home.  I have run Ladybug to school beforehand (and added a visit to the Grandparentals and run back home – 12kms in total).  Ladybug LOVED it and keeps asking to run to school.


A HUGE thanks to Help@OUT  – I was rescued in Centurion and dropped off at a Mechanic near my house, before I would have waited for a lift home, instead I walked home.  Then I did the near unthinkable, I changed, put on my takkies and ran to fetch Ladybug.  It didn’t even think twice about it… ok I did, this time versus the last time – I put sunscreen on this time….  It was one of my more fabulous runs… I felt awesome.

Marija offered to pick me up en route – I was actually a little upset with her because of this – and moved the “pick up point” to 1 ½ kms further down the road… then karma hit… a stitch… but I carried on, laughing while attempting to run because I could flipping see Marija sitting in her car laughing at me – firstly because I was running and secondly because I was dying while running AND enjoying it!

In just over a year, how life has changed… and I am loving it.  Im loving it to the point where a 5km run is “nothing” and Im seriously considering adding in a run to fetch Ladybug from school at least once a week – that’s 5kms there and 5kms back with the pram.  I’m loving the fact that the tan I have on my back/shoulders is a racer back top!   Who am I and why did I not start this insanity earlier in life?



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