From Princess Panty-Head to Fashionista…. NOT

Time flies when you having fun, right? We’ll time flies when you have a 2 year old and they are growing up every day.  We have now got to the stage where Ladybug is trying to be more independent, and trying to help Mommy more and more.

In doing so, she is creating more grey hairs, requiring me to go blonder now just so that I don’t have to dye my hair as often.  Ladybug will happily take our plates to the kitchen, hers being Tupperware and mine being the breakable kind.  Heaven help me if I try help her, there is a complete melt down, so I have decided that plates are replaceable but growing and nurturing independence and helpfulness isn’t.

Part of this independence is coming through in her clothing choices.  It makes me cringe a lot every morning she chooses what to wear.  I try hard by putting out matching clothes, then she decides none of that is good enough and she has to wear her own choices.  Fortunately they have now learnt at school that when she arrives in horribly mismatched clothes or outrageous fashion accessories that it’s not of my doing, it’s 100% Ladybug.
IMG-20140905-00494-tileUnfortunately Ladybugs fashion sense leaves much to be desired, but hopefully this too shall pass!



4 thoughts on “From Princess Panty-Head to Fashionista…. NOT

  1. Charlotte aka The Stiletto Mum says:

    This is how they learn. Lorelai now 4 get that if you pants have printsnon them, pick 1 colour in your prints and wear that top. Also i have changed the way I buy her outfits. Everything is pink, blue, green and purple. That way most of it she can mix and match without looking like a fool.

  2. Heather says:

    I think sometimes she gets it right! Blue boots – blue Tshirt, And that pic in the middle at the bottom is so cute!

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