Mommy Stop! Come Dancing (with) Me.

This weekend I received some news that not only ripped the rug out from under my feet, but it kind of hit me in the face like a wet fish and made me realise that life really isn’t fair at all. My eyes have only stopped leaking for short periods of time, but I will never admit this to my friend.

It also made me realise (again) that we get so caught up in the rat race that we forget to just take time out and enjoy life, to sing, to dance and to just be.

While my heart is breaking into a million pieces, I find myself looking at Ladybug with more amazement each day. She loves singing. She loves dancing and in all honesty she doesn’t care who is watching her or listening to her she will sing and dance because that is what is important to her at that precise moment in time.  She doesn’t care what the next person thinks of her, she doesn’t worry about what needs to be done and what deadlines need to be met, she will get to whatever needs to be done when she is done dancing and singing.

Often we will be in the middle of breakfast, baking, or even getting dressed and I get told “Mommy stop!  Come dancing (with) me” and I make a point of dancing with her because it makes her happy, it makes her soul happy, it makes me smile and it makes my soul happy.  Evenings at Sanma and Grandad’s house are often spent dancing to Grandad’s music – as caught on camera here.

Yesterday, Ladybug made me realise again, that you can stop, slow down, sit and have a little dance, no matter where you are.  We were walking on the outside of a shopping centre, a car was playing music loudly and she told me to come sit on the stair with her – wanting to see where this was going I humoured her – then we danced on the pavement, to some random person’s music.  She loved every minute of it, and she made not only me smile, but at least 3 other people smiled too.

Sometimes when life is unfair, you just need to dance like no one is watching.  You need to laugh, smile and stop your eyes from leaking.  Ladybug and I will be learning to dance in the rain A LOT over the next few weeks!



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