FINALLY… Clean Clothes!

Last week I received some products to try out and I was very pleasantly surprised.  Ladybug is a Tomboy at the best of times, and Tomboys do not keep clean and I am no domestic goddess, as I have mentioned before.   So with a child that cant keep clean – which I am very happy about it means she is having fun and learning – and a mother who is not a Domestic Goddess the result is two separate wardrobes.

Ladybug had the nice clothes – read Naartjie, Cotton On and Keedo – clothes for the weekend and she has school clothes – read the cheaper the better.  Last weekend Ladybug had an awesome day climbing on tyres, running around with other kids, jumping off stumps and well just being a kid.  Mom on the other hand was having mild heart failure because her nice WHITE top from Granny was now brown and I was convinced had to be changed to a school top *sob*

So I figured I would put the Nuk Stain Remover through its passes.  I also added a pair of “School” pants to the test for good measure to see if the stain remover really did work.


As I sprayed the top, I could see the juice stain changing colour, it looked like it was working already, but I still had my doubts – I have battles for years to get the stains out Ladybug’s clothes.  Then into the wash using the Nuk Laundry detergent.

The results…. OMG I am gobsmacked!



Finally a stain remover and a laundry detergent that works and gets Ladybug’s clothes back to normal – even the “old” stains like the ones in her school pants.  I am very impressed and cant wait to get her entire wardrobe back to normal!  These new products are available at your favourite NUK retailer from August 2014. The suggested retail price is R99.99 for the Stain Remover and R109.99 for the Laundry Detergent.


Go get it and you can thank me later.  Head on over to NUK’s Facebook page and give them a like while you at it and follow them on Twitter.



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