Sing What? Come Again?!?!

Ladybug loves singing… LOVES IT!  When she is playing you will often hear “Twinkle Twinkle Lil Staaaar” coming from the room or the bath. She will sing along with Frozen, admittedly only every 3rd word or so, but she loves singing.  She has even got to the point where the odd song on the radio she will attempt to sing to – and she LOVES singing along with Jeremy Loops!

The other day on the way home from school she was doing the usual singing her way through traffic “I love me…. You love me…. Happy Family….big hug and a kiss to you” (I dare you to tell me you not singing the bloody Barney song in your head now?!?!) .  Every now and then she asks me to sing with her – although I wouldn’t call it singing from my side, more like strangling a cat and hanging it out to dry!

Sometime I just don’t have a cooking clue what Ladybug is after…
Ladybug: Mamma…
Me: *cringe* yes Love?
Ladybug: Sing Baba lishes
Me: Baba Lishes?
Ladybug: Yes, sing it
Me: Sweetheart, I don’t know the words to Baba Lishes.  Do you know the words?
Ladybug: Yes.  Mamma sing it
Me: *Cringe* How about you sing it because I really don’t know the words to Baba Lishes
(by now Im speedily working my way through the Ladybug Dictionary to try figure out what Baba Lishes is and I was coming up blank)
Ladybug: Ok…… Baba Lishes have you any wooooooooooooooool
Me: *belly aching laughter* OH Baabaa Black Sheep
Ladybug: Yes Mamma… Baba lishes!



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