A Room Fit for a Ladybug

I mentioned before that Ladybug and I moved in June, we moved into a beautiful 2 (although it should be classed a s a 3) bedroom house.  One of the things I have been really excited about is the fact that Ladybug has her own room, with a playroom attached to it.  Of course, I have had fun doing up her room and making it special for her.



The best part about the playroom is that all Ladybugs mess can be contained and the door to her bedroom can be closed! Plus I can make her clean up her mess in the house by telling her to take it to her bedroom and then help her later to tidy up.



Ladybug enjoys spending hours playing in her playroom.  She has even figured out if she takes the step, she can reach the books herself without having to call for me to get them.  It gives her the alone time she craves and it gives me the time to recharge and do things around the house.

The next mission to be accomplished is to get Ladybug to sleep in her bed.  We are introducing it slowly.  Some nights she is falling asleep in her bed, but then comes through to my bed.  Other nights she is falling asleep in my bed and I take her through to her bed.  We have managed from 20h00 until 04h00 the one night, which is the longest she has gone sleeping in her bed.
I have got to the point where co-sleeping is now keeping me awake.  When I saw this picture posted the other day, I had to laugh:


I know it is aimed at couples, but it is just as relevant to Ladybug.  She has her side of the bed, and she has my side of the bed.  Heaven help me (or Fluffy for that matter) if either of us should touch her pillow, or her, or her space because we get moaned at – in her sleep!  Yet, she can quiet happily take over my side of the bed.  This morning when I woke up, I had Ladybug sleeping on me as her pillow and I was clinging onto the bed for dear life and hoping that I wasn’t going to be falling off any time soon!  When I tried to move her I got “Ah ah my pillow” She wasn’t even on HER pillow!


I cant wait for the day that Ladybug is in her own bed and I can reclaim mine, but I must admit, I will miss the snuggling, especially in winter.



4 thoughts on “A Room Fit for a Ladybug

  1. Heather says:

    I also am working at getting Nicky into his own bed at night. For the last week he is sleeping the first part of the night in his bed, and then he comes through to us for the rest. The problem is that he is not sleeping through. So I predict this is going to take some time.

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