I Made a HUGE Rookie Mistake!

You would think by now I have this single parent thing figured out, I mean almost 29 months (with 9 months pre-training) under the belt I would have it waxed but Friday I made possibly the biggest rookie mistake to date!

Ladybug bought me tickets to go see Disney on Ice for my Birthday (read I bought them for myself but needed a good excuse and used the kid as an excuse and added a birthday in there for good measure).  I was beyond excited, it was Disney and Ice Skating and an outing with Ladybug, who could not be excited?

Before I bought the tickets I did ask the world wide webs if Mom’s had taken their 2 years olds to see it and if they enjoyed it, I even asked where they sat because I thought I was going to be prepared and have this spot on. #fail!!! What I should have asked was “Any SINGLE Moms taken their hyperactive-busybody-cant-miss-a-thing 2 year olds to Disney on Ice ALONE, as in no other reinforcements of the adult nature with you?”

I handle pretty much everything other parents do pretty well, I think anyways.  I have no issues being a single parent and when people pass comments of “Isnt it hard?” or “I don’t know how you do it?” I always tell them I don’t know any differently so its normal for me.  I sometimes wonder how they do it being 2 parents who have to come to mutual decisions on how to raise their kinds, but maybe that’s another blog for another day.  But Friday night was another story all together.

We headed off to the Dome for our night of enchantement and magic – prior to getting to the Dome we were already running late because the ENT, Ladybug hadn’t had a sleep in the afternoon, we had to stop and buy new pants for her because she had wet herself – but we were there and ready.  I managed to distract her so she didn’t see the (ridiculously price) photo op with a Mickey Mouse statue and my diversion tactics worked well past the souvenir stands too.

We found our seats with about 30 mins to spare and Ladybug was happy and content.  She sat dead still playing on the ipad while we waited for the show to start (I must say an ipad is a waiting godsend – how I managed before I don’t know).  As soon as the show started she was more interested in the lights until she spotted Goofy then her life was made!  She sat on my lap and was enchanted, I was relieved I had the next 120 mins to recharge – or so I thought!


Ladybug sat on my lap for 2 seconds, then it was back onto her chair, then she was standing on her chair, then sitting on her chair, then standing on the floor, then standing on me, then sitting on my lap, then trying to sit on the lady next to us, then trying to get to the ice, then she wanted juice, then she wanted popcorn, then she wanted Goofy, then she showed trantrumming signs because Goofy wasn’t on the ice, then she saw Nemo, then she wanted to go to Nemo, then she stood on her chair, then she sat on her chair, then she sat on me, then she wanted Goofy, then she wanted Nemo….. And we were only 15 mins into the show!  This carried on until interval, then we went for a walk to the toilet and came back to our seats where she sat DEAD STILL again until the lights went off… 5 mins after interval she needed to wee, which meant (as a flying solo adult) it was pack up the bags, take the bags, apologise to everyone for disturbing their viewing, go to the toilet, breathe deeply, put shoes back on Ladybug, gather bags and head back to our seats and we repeated the whole first half of the show!!!!

After the show Ladybug fell asleep in the car before we had even left the parking lot.  I silently burst into tears.  Single parenting was an epic fail on Friday night, Ladybug had won!  Next year, I am taking re-enforcements with me!!!

P.S. The show is awesome and if you are in Cape Town go and see it but take re-enforcements!


5 thoughts on “I Made a HUGE Rookie Mistake!

  1. sula1968 says:

    Lol! Even with 2 parents these things happen, not convinced that reinforcements make much difference. I can so identify.

  2. Cindy says:

    Oh man, I am not a single Mom, but I can totally picture everything you said – it sounded like you were describing my 2 year old! Even with reinforcements that phase is hard to deal with. xo

  3. Charlotte aka The Stiletto Mum says:

    I’ve done the single parent thing and let me tell you even with an other half who help with EVERYTHING the only difference “help” is going to make is that you don’t have to pack up the bags. It might add in that you will be halfway to the toilet and your little one decides that the “help” needs to take her to the toilet. We can never win. Its like the word parent is actually a cover up for Loser.

  4. laurakim says:

    We had a similar experience with Jack – I was there with my mom in law and the 2 older kids! He was up and down between his seat, his gran and me. Also needed to wee just after the interval. Cried when Woody went off because he wanted him back – lol – but over all it was great :))

  5. Heather says:

    Shame, now I’m glad I didn’t take Nicky! I can totally imagine that is how it would have gone..

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