Ladybug’s TV Debut

A couple of weeks ago there was a casting call made by Great Expectations for a Toddler that likes to play with Play Dough.  Having just spent our time down at the coast teaching Ladybug how to play with play dough, and not eat it, I figured why not.  I used play dough as a teaching tool for her that week and I made spiders out of play dough, as a result Ladybug now calls Play Dough “Pyder” and she LOVES her “Pyder”.

We got a call from Great Expectations; we had been selected to be on the Pampers Monday Minute.  We headed off to the stunning Hands on Retreat in Craighall for a very cold early morning of shooting, well actually a morning of playing.  Ladybug explored the gardens, was fascinated with the water and was convinced she could still see Dory and Nemo (you can tell we had just been on holiday).  She was filthy by the time it actually come to shooting, but she loved it!







The episode aired on Monday the 16th June – we made sure we moved the TV first so we could watch Ladybug’s TV Debut amongst trying to move house.  For those that missed it you can watch it here.




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