A Book (Review) for Ladybug

I received a few books this week and one of them was My First Story Bible and I absolutely love it.  Every night we have a bedtime routine, when we go to bed, we have a bottle and story time then its sleep time.  We have to read “What the Ladybird Heard” and “Jack and Jill”, we’ve read these books so many times Ladybug is able to recite them!

My First Story Bible is an excellent addition to our bedtime book routine because the stories are short, the longest we’ve had has been the story of Moses and that was at most 6 pages (I think).  Besides the stories being short, there are only 1 or 2 sentences on a page and the pictures are beautifully illustrated.

So all round this book is a win, a win for me because I get to start now with Bible Stories for Ladybug.  A win for Ladybug because the pictures are colourful and she can look at them while I tell her the story and a win for us both because the stories are short and can be added to our set-in-stone bedtime books without making the routine 10 hours long! When Ladybug can read herself, the book will be an excellent self reader for her!

The book is available at CUM Books Bookstores or online.



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