I Was Let Into Ladybug’s World

As parents we sign our kids up for extra mural activities at school and kind of hope for the best, sometimes you get things sent home like the latest pottery creation or a wet costume showing you that they have partaken in the extra mural you spend money on.  And then sometimes you get a glimpse into their world, yesterday was that day for me.

Ladybug does Whambajam at school, it’s a music programme they offer (read more about it here).  Every Wednesday she comes home with two stamps on her arms and when I ask her what she did in Whambajam I get told she jumped, banged on the drums, clapped hands and shake-shake.

Yesterday parents and grandparents got to watch the class and see exactly what they do in their class.  I must say I was very impressed with the information they are taught.  Not only is it movement, playing instruments, singing and dancing, they are taught the different families in the orchestra, hells bells they even taught what an orchestra is and a conductor!




Although Ladybug decided to get stage fright, very odd for someone who takes over the stage at her year-end concert, this is one extra mural I will continue with at school I can definitely see the benefits.



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