Day 6: 30 Interesting Facts about Myself

  1. My absolute favourite flower is the Star gazer, I love the smell, it reminds me of summer!
  2. I don’t actually know what my natural hair colour is… Ive been dying my hair since I was 13 and have had every single colour there is on the market.
  3. I have never broken a bone in my body, and Im only missing my wisdom teeth.  Otherwise Im still pretty in tack from the original installment!
  4. I love antiques and wooden furniture.  Unfortunately my bank balance doesn’t love antiques!
  5. I know how to wire a plug, and how to use polyfilla (successfully) and I actually find DIY very therapeutic.  I was seriously upset with my family when I didn’t get a power drill for Christmas the one year.
  6. I look forward to nights when I can go to bed the same time as Ladybug, which is generally before 20h00.
  7. If I wasn’t in HR I would love to be teaching, or have my own nursery school.  I loved teaching when I did it and miss it some days.
  8. I hate flying, well not so much the flying but the take-off and the landing.
  9. I turn into a kungfu master at the sight of a spider web, and I shriek like a little girl at the sight of a spider.
  10. I can sew and I enjoy it, I made all ladybugs tracksuit tops for school this year and I look forward to making more things.
  11. I think the most amazing person I know is my best friend (and Ladybugs Godmother).  She’s completely blind, but that doesn’t stop her or slow her down!
  12. I don’t eat fish – cant stand the smell – but I love sushi. Go figure!
  13. I would be a vegetarian if it meant I could still eat biltong – Im a real South African!
  14. My favourite colour is purple, followed very closely by black and pink.
  15. I have almost a modern technology free house, with the exception of my cellphone.  I don’t have a iPod, iPad or tablet and I love it!
  16. I cant lick my elbow – yes I have tried (like you have right now).
  17. I procrastinate big time, I would go so far as to class myself a professional procrastinator.
  18. I am multilingual; I understand and speak English, Afrikaans and Ladybug.
  19. I am addicted to Wakkaberry – thanks to Nick!
  20. I am still in awe of the fact that I manage to get myself up, dressed, Ladybug up and dress, bags packed and leave the house at 06h20 every morning, without forgetting something (or someone).
  21. I hate filing.  My office is testament to that.  Paperless workplaces should be mandatory!
  22. I have discovered that I am a hoarder, I only discovered this now when we moved.  I guess I better look at a serious culling in the house!
  23. I have a celeb crush on Sean Connery’s voice… or is it the Scotish accent?
  24. Im not a winter person at all, I love summer and the fact that we have already had the winter solstice makes my heart smile because summer is on its way back!
  25. I have two tattoos and should be getting a 3rd sometime this year – I just need to find the perfect one.
  26. I love baking; the more chocolate involved in the baked goods the better!
  27. I can’t wear socks to bed…. It doesn’t matter how cold it is, I feel like I’m being restricted and I get all claustrophobic
  28. I don’t like silence, it drives me mad or maybe its just the voices in my head that drive me mad and noise drowns them out?!?
  29. I love counting down the days until I go somewhere, do something, see someone.  It makes the excitement all that more intense – its only 182 days until Christmas #justsaying!
  30. I LOVE Christmas and this year is even more awesome cos I get to see my Mommy!



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