Lessons Frozen has Taught Ladybug

Ladybug is a little OCD, ok a lot OCD and watching a particular DVD 10 millions times a day is just one of the quirks to being an OCD child.  Needless to say, a month ago we hadn’t watched Frozen – I know, slow Mommy, now it feels like our entire life revolves around Frozen.  Some of the lessons Ladybug has taken from watching Frozen, some are good, some are not so good, and some are lessons Mommy uses for bribery!

The Magic Word
For months I have been trying to get her to (on cue) say the magic word.  Thankfully Kristoff asks Sven “Whats the magic word” and he answers “Pleeeeese”.  Now when you ask Ladybug “Whats the magic word” she answers “Please”.  (She has also started licking imaginary snowflakes thanks to Sven!)

Ladybug now knocks on a door, this only started as a habit after she got addicted to Frozen.  A good lesson to learn!

Singing and Dancing
Ladybug now sings and dances or just dances or just sings. This makes a huge difference from the lesson she learnt in Shrek which is to shriek (in all 3 Shrek movies there is shrieking).  Its actually quiet sweet to watch without being noticed;  she immerses herself in her own little world where she is Anna or Elsa right down to the hand actions of “Let it go”

I got to Plaaaaaaaaaaay
Unfortunately the one bad lesson she picked up from Frozen was when Anna wants to play while Elsa is trying to sleep.  Ladybug opens my eyes like that and says “Mommy come on plaaaaaay” and then does the “tick tock” sound effect.  Its rather sweet, but not really the way one wants to wake up on a weekend.

Pretty like Elsa
Ladybug HATES having her hair brushed, really really hates it.  In fact some days I swear im going to cut off those golden locks and shave her head just so that she will stop screaming blue murder when a brush goes near her head.  Fortunately the lesson Mommy has learnt from Frozen is that Ladybug will sit still to have her hair done “Pretty like Elsa” in the mornings! SCORE!

This weekend was the sweetest, funniest and well the cutest lesson she learnt from Frozen.  There was silence while I was busy in the lounge, next thing I here “Mommy Mommy its Olaf” I didn’t have a clue what she was on about seeing as we leant the DVD to Teacher.  Then she came round the corner “Mommy Mommy come see… magic… Olaf”  I went into the kitchen and this is what I walked into:


She had created her own Magic and now wanted me to come make Olaf for her!
I love the little imagination that is developing in Ladybug and long may Disney movies enhance the imagination.



One thought on “Lessons Frozen has Taught Ladybug

  1. Heather says:

    Cute! I am so glad the movie had some positive spin off! I liked that song “let it go” – has some good learnings for adults too.

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