Im Missing 241 Slabs of Bubbly!

1 year ago today I signed a gym contract, my first gym contract ever.  Along with signing the gym contract came the awful weigh and measure… I thought I was ok because I had already lost weight and I was comfortable enough to show my face in a gym.

I did my weigh in…. 98kgs… I was under 100kg for the first time in forever… it was 47kgs down from my heaviest… I was ok.  Then the measurements came.  Never in my life have I hated a tape measure more than I did at that moment.  It felt like every cm was being put down on paper for the world to see, truth be told it was just myself and the Gym Instructor that were seeing it.

29th May 2013 was the day I went to gym for the first time.  I would love to tell you I went back on the 30th May, but I don’t think I did.  I only “managed” to go once or twice a week in the beginning, but it was the start.

12 months later, 365 days to be exact…. I am between 19kgs – 21kgs lighter (depends on the scales mood) and a whole metre smaller…. That’s 100cms less of the person I was 365 days ago!

That’s 241 bars of Bubbly lighter in 365 days

And a whole Ladybug Smaller in 365 days

And 34 bottles of 2L Coke lighter than my heaviest
Coca-Cola Post Strong Earnings
And the best part of all – well the part I am most excited about – is that this is just the beginning, it’s just the start!



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