A Party with a Twist

Last week Ladybug and I were invited to attend a party with a twist.  It was the McCain’s Veggie Party, the first of its kind.  It was all about getting kids to love veggie (watch the ad here)– which thankfully in our house isn’t an issue at all.  Im very lucky that Ladybug goes mad over veggies, to the extent that I sent her to school with green beans as a snack the one day!

The décor was amazing, the centre pieces were edible, which Ladybug took full advantage of and chose the biggest carrot to eat at the party and on the way home. Ladybug painted with veggies (then ate them), played with the balls and balloons… she was in her element.


Moms were given some handy tips on how to “hide” the veggies and make some yummy meals so that kids are faced with a plate full of veggies.    On leaving we were given goodie bags which had some McCain Vouchers, so I decided to do an all McCain’s dinner for Ladybug and I.


In fact we had 2 all McCain dinner nights.  The first night we had Chips, Veggie Fingers and Spinach which all went down a treat and the second night we had veggies and veggie burgers.  Ladybug wasn’t too convinced with the bread part of the veggie burger, but the rest was a hit.  I am grateful that my “picky eater” will only eat veggies!

Thank you to McCain for an awesome Veggie Party and some wonderful ideas for dinner.



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