W is for While You Were Sleeping


My Dearest Ladybug,

While you were sleeping in your car seat and I was driving us down to KZN for our Holiday (without a radio in the car) a million thoughts were crossing my mind especially of me as a little girl and your Granny (and later your Grampa).  We would often pack the car and leave early in the morning and head off to KZN sometimes for a week, sometimes for a weekend.  As you and I drove out of Joburg and left the city lights behind us, I won’t lie to you, I missed your Granny incredibly, my heart ached and my eyes leaked but then I figured I could now relive those memories with you.

We took Baby with us to KZN, it was her first trip and I am sure this will be her first of many.  Mommy used to have a baby just like yours and her name was also Baby and she would go with Mommy every holiday.  Your imagination is growing now and you are starting to play games with Baby, she kept you occupied for most of the way down and you made sure she slept with you and watched DVDs with you.  The cutest part was after we stopped for breakfast, you then “fed” baby breakfast when we got on the road again (you thought I didn’t see, but I am a Mommy, I see everything).

When you are older my Ladybug, I will take the alternative road down to Westville.  We will do Long Tom Pass, I will teach you the History as your Granny taught Boom and I.  I will show you Town of Ladysmith and the Battlefields of the Boer War.  I will take you to Empangeni so you can see where your Great Grampa  and his family lived, where Granny was born and where your (late) Great Great Granny got the river water in her ears that made her deaf.  I will take you to the sugar cane fields, I will show you how to eat sugar cane and mangos (the right way according to your Granny).  I will take you to Shakaland and teach you the history of King Shaka Zulu as your Granny (and Great Grampa) taught us.

But for now my little Ladybug, I will show you were Granny lived in Westville.  I will take you to see Nemo, Dory, Bruce and all the sea creatures.  I will take you to the sea and we will spend time together ironing out our plan to take over the world in nappies and high heels.

I love you forever



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