J is for Just When I thought…

Just when I thought the Two’s couldn’t get more challenging, we enter into another phase of this never ending issue with life called “Being Two”.

The tantrums I’ve got used to, I just carry on with life and ignore the crying. Ladybug has had a tantrums of epic proportion before where it lasted 45 minutes and during this time I managed to get her in from the car, bath her, get her dressed and into bed where she finally calmed down enough and was asleep by 17h00. I’ve even been able to semi notice when we are going to have one, which has helped my nerves a lot – although I’m sure an intravenous line of tequila would help more or even a hearing aid that I can turn off mid tantrum.

Unfortunately Madame Ladybug and her strong will are now at logger heads with me from early in the morning to the middle of the night.  “Mommy stop it” “no stop you naughty” “shoosh stop it” are the most used words and phrases in Ladybug’s vocabulary at the moment – or it sure feels like it!

I get told “Mommy stop it” when I try and get her up in the morning, or “Mommy no” when I try get her dressed, followed by a melt down and tears where I cry like her and I get told “shoosh Mommy stop it” or “Mommy stop it you naughty”. Even in her sleep when I reposition her because she is taking over 3/4s of the queen size bed, I get told “Mommy stop it”IN HER SLEEP!!!

I know I need to respect her boundaries she is setting and I know she is testing to see how far she can push my boundaries and life’s boundaries, but hell really? I now get why some people let their kids run around like untamed savage beasts terrorising and anything and everything that crosses their path, it’s simply less stressful than trying to tame the savage beast that is being two. Battling with the savage beast from sunrise to after sunset makes a person question their mental health after a few days, let alone the long term effects this can have on a parent after a few weeks!  I get it and kudos to those parents because they really have mastered the art of stress free parenting.

Unfortunately or rather fortunately, I rather turn grey, dream of intravenous lines filled with tequila, question my mental health, put my big girl panties on, suck it up and tame the savage beast – I will be victorious! I really and truly hope this “Wonder Week” finishes soon because my nerves, hair dye and big girl panties might run out before the wonder week does! But having said that, it’s always awesome too see what emerges out of a wonder week, and I’m hoping it’s something really amazing – it better be otherwise I might have the start of a back chatting brat on my hands and we nowhere near being a teenager yet – Oh hell, I have the teenage years to look forward to after I have tamed the savage beast… Best I actually start drinking and investing in serious research and development of that tequila intravenous line!



3 thoughts on “J is for Just When I thought…

  1. Marija says:

    hehehheh darling I just got hit with the teenage years “I will get it now my legs are tired” “My brain is sore” “Help me with homework while I text someone quick ” WHAT!!!! yip you will get the weird and wonderful ones

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