G is for Going, Going, Gone!

I entered this fitness, madness, whatever you want to call it journey in June/July last year and I have often blogged about it.  I did a facial comparison a few months ago and the change was well, amazing.  Now I have decided to show you the difference, this is possibly one of my most venerable posts so if you are squeamish or easily repulsed turn away now because some of the images are not very pretty!

I have been doing challenges through Sleek Geeks; they keep me motivated and give me a goal to work towards, even if it is a time line goal and not the big prize.  Of course with all challenges, you take the dreaded before photos and the after photos and you pray and hope that there is some sort of remarkable difference between the two, usually there is, and sometimes you just can’t see it.

So I decided to put my photos all together, the before and after of the first challenge I did and then the before and after of this challenge I did…. OMG I can’t believe I was well let’s just say that HUMUNGOUS!!!   And that was after I had already started losing weight.


And then just for the hell of it I did a facial update comparison
I had a few goals this challenge that I put out there and tried to achieve, some of them were a major stretch, but one of them I am amazed by.  My one goal was to be able to wear a size 14.  Now this I haven’t been able to do for probably over 10 years…. The light ones I wore recently believing they still fitted (sagging bum and all) - the dark ones are size 14 and they fit me fabulously.

The light ones I wore recently believing they still fitted (sagging bum and all) – the dark ones are size 14 and they fit me fabulously.

This is just the start, the motivation I needed to kick it up a gear… so watch this space there is still more of me to go!



6 thoughts on “G is for Going, Going, Gone!

  1. Mike says:

    You are an inspiration! Do you use a self reward system and if so could you share the details?

  2. Sammy D. says:

    I am so happy for you that you realize how much you’ve accomplished on two of life’s most difficult challenges – keeping ourselves at a healthy weight and loving ourselves in the physical realm. You are beautiful in BOTH your facial pictures; such a warm smile. So courageous to share this with us, and I wish you the best going forward. It’s really, in the end, about loving and accepting ourselves.

  3. Mike says:

    I think it is important to reward yourself for each step along the way… Keeps you motivated

  4. Lisa says:

    Well done you! I always love the transformation in a person’s face when they lose weight and I don’t mean just the chins, but the overall look of happiness and pride. Even your shoulders stand more proudly in the later photos. You are the inspiration I need, thank you.

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