F is for Fashionista

Ladybug has a rather unusal, unique sense of fashion – she wont be setting any fashion trends in the near future, she also wont be following any fashion trends.

First we had the Panty Head Fashion Trend, which was coupled with the Dress Over PJs Fashion.

Then we entered the Wellies Fashion Trend or “My Boots” – we are still in this fashion trend… Boots get worn with EVERYTHING, even with PJs as Slippers.


Boots as Slippers, why not?


Colour coordination, whats that?

We are now in a Swimming Fashion Trend.  Swimming Gear gets Worn at ALL possible times!  Ladybug will come home from school ask to take her clothes off (which is also not unusual as she is a nudist too) and next thing I know she has her Swimming Costume on, or some Swimming Gear on and she’s happy.  The other night (and Im sorry I didn’t get a picture of it) Ladybug went to bed with 2 Swimming caps on her head.  Some battles are just not worth fighting!


Appropriate attire for watching Shrek


Dressed for a normal Saturday

Ladybug also enjoys wearing my shoes – we have recently upgraded to high heels! *sigh*




5 thoughts on “F is for Fashionista

  1. Heather says:

    She looks so cute!! Going to be a real fashionista with her taste in shoes! Nicky likes his polly otter swim outfit too but only for swimming. The other day he insisted on swimming even though it was so cold so we got all dressed up and then I put him in his plastic boat so he wouldn’t get so wet!

  2. Sammy D. says:

    Such a sweet, funny post. I LOVE this age where everything is an experiment. Thank you for being the patient Mom who understands clothing (or not) is rarely a battle worth fighting. She is learning her sense of self; that’s so very important. Revel in these moments as you clearly are!

  3. Lisa says:

    My now Miss 9 was the same as your lady bug. I homeschool my girls so each day she would rock up to the table dressed as something or another. She went through the cossie stage too but would also include her goggles (how on earth she could see beats me!) aswell as her swim cap. I never used to say a word but just carry on as though it was perfectly normal. I miss those days.

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