D is for Death

There are very very few things in life that are certain, but death is definitely one of them.  No one gets out of this life alive.  Sometime we have a chance to say goodbye, sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes death is expected, and sometimes it is sudden.

Ladybug unfortunately has had 2 people in her life pass away.  The first person was her Great Grandmother and now recently Thembi.  Thembi was the cook at Ladybugs school.

She always had a hug and a smile for Ladybug, be it in the morning or the afternoon when I fetched her.  She has managed to keep Ladybug fed for about 18 months, and somehow managed to get Ladybug to eat porridge.  I still don’t know how she cooked it, because I have followed her instructions to the letter and Ladybug still wont eat my porridge I make her.

Sometimes when Ladybug has been difficult and not wanted to eat food I have made for her, I tell her Thembi made it and suddenly it’s the best thing in the world and she’ll eat it (Thank you Thembi you were my life saver there).

Thembi also taught Ladybug that music comes out of earphones.  In the afternoons I would pick Ladybug up and Thembi would be on gate duty listening to music with one earphone in and the other one she willing let Ladybug listen to and dance to the music while they laughed together.
Thembi, your death was very sudden and unexpected; know that you are missed by the people whose life you touched.  When you ask Ladybug where Thembi is she’ll tell you up and point to heaven.  May you Rest in Peace Thembi and watch over all your kids at LPP.



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