B is for Ballet

On Thursday last week I received a call letting me know that I had won tickets to go watch Queen at the Ballet on Friday night – SCORE! I had seen the billboard on the M1 and had already pencilled it in for April, but who am I to say no to free tickets? (Thanks @MyJoburgNews).  It was a quick scramble to find a +1 and a Ladybug Sitter, ok it really wasn’t that hard.  Teacher looked after Ladybug and I willingly dragged along another single Mom who I figured deserved a night out!

Unlike Marija (my +1) I didn’t read up anything on the Ballet because there can never be anything wrong with going to the Ballet!  I had heard it was good, but to be honest, good was an understatement.  I have seen allot of ballets, I have seen all but 1 of the productions SABT have put on in all the years.  I have seen international companies, local companies, dance schools you name it, I have seen allot but I really really enjoyed Queen at the Ballet.


“This hit show uses the athleticism of rock-ballet en pointe in a high-impact production that has entertained thousands of people of all ages. It is packed with innovative and original choreography and powerful performances from the strong cast of dancers.

Queen at the Ballet captures the story of the great pretender, Freddie Mercury, told through the medium of dance. Set to over 20 of his greatest hits (including ‘Who wants to live forever’, ‘Another one bites the dust’, ‘Barcelona’ and many more), viewers are taken on a journey through the fascinating life of one of the world’s greatest singers. The audience can expect to see tender pas de deux interspersed with exciting rocking group numbers performed by over 20 of South Africa’s top dancing talents.” – www.bovimballet.com

Not only do you have the awesomeness that is Queen and Ballet on the stage in front of you, you have half naked men and very talented dancers (who really look like they are enjoying themselves).  You have amazing male leads in the show which will leave your jaw on the floor! You also have the voices of Daniel Fisher and Cito entertaining you throughout the show.  And then just when it couldn’t get any better, Angela Killian joins the cast for Barcelona! WOW!!!!


Photos by Bill Zurich

On Saturday Bovim Ballet were at Clear Water Mall doing promo for the show, I took Ladybug to see if she would enjoy the dancing… Maybe that was a mistake!  Not only was she captivated by the ballerina’s dresses, she was in awe of the dancers and the dancing she was seeing in front of her.  As soon as they had finished she made her way to the stage and had to try out her little bit!  The rest of the weekend I got “Mommy I dancing” from her while she was turning around or bending over in a 2 year old arabesque type way.


So if you a fan of Queen, a fan of the Ballet, a fan on getting out of the house and getting some culture running through your veins, or even a fan of new experiences go see Queen at the Ballet.  You will enjoy it and if you don’t, well then there is no hope for you!



8 thoughts on “B is for Ballet

  1. Sammy D. says:

    You had me at “half-naked men” and then I find out they are talented, too!! Sounds like an enjoyable evening out. I love all kinds of dance, and have a dance-crazed 7-year-old granddaughter, so your “Mommy, I dancing” from your ladybug is something I can relate to. We need a world where dance thrives; it can bring joy to participants and audience. Good choice for A to Z

  2. pempispalace says:

    What a beautiful blog you have (visiting through the A to Z challenge) sharing your experiences of life with a little one with all its ups and downs. I couldn’t stop reading back through your life! Loved the ballet blog too – sounds so interesting and refreshingly modern!

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