A Ladybug Day with a Party in the Park

Saturday Madame Ladybug celebrated her 2nd Birthday.  I decided to do things a little differently this year, and instead of doing what I wanted I decided to do what Ladybug liked.  So we had a Mickey Mouse Themed Party for her and her friends at Delta Park.

So Mommy made, baked and moulded for hours on end, from home-made invitations, Cake Pops,  Cakes, biscuits and chocolates to decorations all so there was no mistaking it was a Mickey Mouse party.

We opened presents at home and spend time with Ladybug before packing up the (half) car and heading off to the Park for her Party.


While starting to set up, the rain was setting in.  Fine mist like rain at first, so I decided not to unpack all the decorations and goodies in case we needed to do an emergency dash home if the heavens opened!  The kids played, the adults chatted, and there was laughter, giggles, excitement and soaking wet clothes.  Despite the rain the kids enjoyed themselves.



We ended Ladybugs special day with dinner at Spur with the family – she LOVED dancing and playing almost too much because she didn’t eat her dinner!


That night while putting Ladybug to bed, I asked her if she had enjoyed her day and had had fun, her response….. A massive hug and “Tank you Mommy”THAT made my day!



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