a Surreal Moment

Today while listening to the voices in my head on the drive back from Pretoria, it hit me…. Ladybug is 2 tomorrow! How? When? What the…? And with that I promptly burst into tears.

I’m going to be a wreck tomorrow! The last time I had such a surreal moment was singing Happy Birthday to MY baby last year. Today it hit me again… My baby is turning 2!

I’ve managed to grow this little creature into a mini human without killing her – which is far longer than I’ve kept any plant alive E V E R! The 2 years have had their ups and downs, sometimes it feels like more downs than ups especially when its a constant battle of wills or the random complete melt down, but every single moment has been worth it!

Last night I we were playing and I was copying her with everything she was saying, eventually we got on to the “I luffs you” and this carried on for about 5 minutes, whispering it, talking it, singing it and laughing it… But its THOSE moments that make the last 2 years AMAZING!

My darling Ladybug tomorrow is all about you, celebrating you crazy, fun filled life (so far) there will be presents, kisses, laughter, cake, tons of Mickey Mouse, friends and tears from Mommy. I hope you have an amazing day and that all your dreams and wishes for life come true. May the next year be as awesome as the last 2 have been and may you carrying being the stubborn, so willed, loving, caring and stunning little human that you are developing into.


(This a BB post so excuse the spelling gremlins)


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