Ladybug the Zombie

It’s taken 20 months for me to blow a fuse with Ladybug and her TV watching-zombiefying habits.  At first I didn’t want Ladybug to watch TV for at least 6 months, but at 3 months I gave into pressure and said she could watch only Disney Junior.  At first this was ok, she liked a few programs – like 1 or 2 – and she LOVED Shrek.  We would have the TV on as background noise and she would happily play with her toys.

As she has got older, so her TV viewing has increased and she watches more and more TV.  It’s now got to watching TV in the mornings before school and as soon as we get home in the evenings (which is nagged for from the moment we get in the car).  And so the Zombie has emerged in Ladybug.  Im convinced TVs have this ability to suck any form of life out of a person and it sucks the ability to multitask out of children.

For a few weeks now, we have been fighting in the evenings about watching Nemo.  It got to the point where Ladybug would alternate between asking for Nemo or Dory, if I said no to Nemo then she would ask for Dory and if I said no to Dory she would ask for “Fish Swimming”.  She also got to a point where she would recite some parts of the movie, to the point where she is convinced she can speak whale – which is actually quiet cute if you think about it!

TV watching has increased our eating time to well over 30 mins, but it has also decreased her food intake!  It has increased her ability to sit for longer periods, but it has decreased her physical playing and cognitive play which has been worrying me.  Then last night was the last straw, she was standing half in and out the door watching Ellen, not even a kiddies program, and she was so fixcated and zombiefied that she wet herself.

She was so busy been sucked in by the TV that she got distracted on the way to the toilet and she wet herself.  Well I blew a fuse!  Then she was too busy watching TV to clean it up and had a complete melt down because – heaven forbid – I turned her away from the TV.  Her life was about to end, how could Mommy be so cruel.

So now, there is NO TV during the week.  We can have Mommy and Ladybug Movie night on a Friday night; she can watch 2 hours on a Saturday (if she is lucky) and the same for Sunday.  I know that from my side I need to be disciplined on this, and it’s going to take allot for me to enforce it.  Too often it’s easier to stick your child in front of the TV and carry on with other things.  I sorry I have let it get this bad already, but I rather correct it now and have my child of 4 months ago back – the one that loved reading, playing with puzzles, drawing and playing imaginary games than the Zombie I have seen develop!

I know she is going to hate me for a few weeks, but she will live, I can 100% guarantee that!



4 thoughts on “Ladybug the Zombie

  1. Sarah-The Mommy City says:

    Well done. My daughter is also a Zombie in front of the TV – totally ignores me until I turn it off. At one stage she was playing and watching too many movies on the iPad and we took it away for a few days and she didn’t miss it. Out of sight out of mind. When she was able to play with it again she was much better at having it taken away after she had her limited time on it. Not sure how possible this is – but maybe move the tv out of the lounge and into your bedroom. That way she won’t see it and moan for it during the day but you can still watch a bit at night. Good luck.

  2. Cassie says:

    It seems to be working well. We had our first movie night last night and she asked to go to bed near the end of Shark Tale. Today she hasn’t asked for the TV, but did get to watch Shrek in the car for a bit. So far she’s adapting nicely and asking for her books again (and eating dinner properly)

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