Long may it Last!

Tuesday was possibly the best day of the year – School went back!!!  And I can almost 100% guarantee that Ladybug felt the same.  With school being a whopping 800m or so from our house, we often drive up the road leading to school and for a (very long) month whenever we went up the road Ladybug would ask for Teacher, and then systematically go through her list of friends hoping that I would break down and agree that she could see one of them and take her off to school.

Before school opened on Tuesday, I had to do a little background prepping for school.  This year saw Ladybug moving into a new class, and moving away from her second mother for the first time in 20 1/2 months.  To be honest, I was having slight anxiety panic moments about this, because I didn’t know how Ladybug would react to the change.  I spent the weekend telling her that she was going to be in Teacher Kirsten’s Class, the Duckling Class, and that she would be with all her friends and deliberately not mentioning her friends from 2012 as they were on the “big” playground this year and also deliberately not mentioning Elisha’s name.  I also hoped by me enforcing that she was now in the big girl class and not a baby anymore that she would start speaking at school.

All the coaching and encouraging seemed to have paid off.

Tuesday morning on the way to school I got the normal asking for Teacher when we went up the road but I managed to distract her, so much so that she didn’t realise where I had stopped until I opened the door.  Her face lit up, she shrieked and couldn’t wait to get out the car to see Teacher! Thank goodness she had a nappy on otherwise she would have wet herself she was that excited.

There were no tears and she seemed to handle me leaving her in Teacher Kirsten’s class quiet well… ok let me be honest here, she willingly gave Teacher Kirsten a kiss and Mary a kiss and I had to BEG for a goodbye kiss, that’s how happy she was with being in the Duckling class.  When I picked her up that afternoon, my first question and probably my only question was “Did she talk?” and the answer was YES! It worked, the prep, the encouraging worked, she speaks at school.

I read the “Welcome to the Duckling Class” Letter that was sent home, and started bracing myself mentally for the change that was mentioned in the letter, the shift from toddler to little person, but one thing Teacher Kirsten forgot to mention was just how quickly the change would happen – wait she did say d-u-r-i-n-g the year.  Ladybug once again figured she would start the change process, and overnight!  When I went to fetch Ladybug the next day, I had this self-assured, independent mini human showing me where to get her book, well telling me “Mommy, my book” (in front of her peers and teachers!) then she told me where to get her bag, then said goodbye to the teachers and her friends.  I think I managed to pick up my jaw by the time she was ready to leave the class!  She then walked herself to the car, climbed in and climbed up to her car seat, by herself!

If this is the change that has happened in 2 days of being at school in the Duckling Class Im excited to see what happens every day.  I also feel really silly for being anxious about the move; it seems to have been the best thing for her!  Of course there is one thing that hasn’t changed and that is the complete meltdown, sobs and hysteria we have in the car when I try put on her seat belt and she realises that she is leaving school – long may it last that my Ladybug loves school so much she hates leaving!



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